Why are platform games stupid

5 reasons why platform wars are stupid

News 28/09/2021

Conflicts between different platform owners have occurred since the very beginning of gaming. Sometimes they are fascinating, sometimes funny, but always they’re indescribably pointless. Here are some reasons why platform wars are stupid.

We all love games

We’re players, so we want great games. We crave to experience immersive adventures more engaging than any novel or movie can ever be. Therefore, we want the best and the most enjoyable games. It shouldn’t matter what company’s logo we can find on the cover. No game will be good just because it runs on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, or PC.

Platforms don’t make anyone unique

Why are platform wars stupid?

When Sony has informed about releasing games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, all hell broke loose. It’s hard to believe that for some, a 3-year-old game losing its exclusiveness is a reason to destroy consoles and behave like it’s the end of the world. How can it harm us that more players can enjoy a game that we love? It’s like liking a band and hoping that no one else hears their songs.

Fighting is pointless

Competition is good, but it’s companies who should fight, not players. Videogaming is not like football. When one team wins, the other one loses, but gamers can enjoy whatever platform they want. You can have a gaming PC and as many consoles as you can afford. There’s no law forbidding buying an Xbox if you already have a PS. Furthermore, one gaming studio can develop games for many platforms. Unfortunately, for some, it’s a betrayal that Hideo Kojima wants to release a game that is not a PS exclusive. 

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It’s just games

Video games have become a crucial part of modern popular culture. However, they’re still just video games. Naturally, everyone has a favorite platform. We also understand arguing about the pros and cons of each playing machine. Yet insulting people who play on a different platform, besides being rude, is just ludicrous. Unfortunately, some, fight platform wars with a crusader-like passion.

The more, the merrier

The more players play the game, the more likely this game will get some new content, and developers will support it longer. It’s also multiples the chances of a sequel. Moreover, multiplatform games can feature a crossplay, so it’s easier to find other players when you want to play online. As a result, rooting for the game’s exclusiveness is rooting against it.

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