Are modern games too easy?

Are modern video games too easy?

News 29/11/2021

For sure, you’ve seen memes showing that old games are far better than modern ones. They emphasize that in the past, players had to face much more demanding challenges. Are new games really too easy?

More difficult games earn more money

When gamers of today try to play some releases developed 25 or 30 years ago, they may find them extremely hard. That’s a fact, but it doesn’t mean that those games were better. Many classic releases, such as Dragon’s Lair, Art of Fighting, or Super Mario Bros., were difficult for a reason. As arcade games, they forced players to insert a new coin every time they run out of credits. Hence, those games had to be impossible to finish on a single try. Players had to spend tons of quarters to complete popular titles or take their place on a leaderboard. 

Games were smaller

Another reason why old games are more challenging is that they’re shorter. No wonder since they were produced by small teams or even singlehandedly. For example, Éric Chahi developed the famous Another World on his own. It would be impossible to make a bigger game in such conditions. Increasing the difficulty level was an efficient way to extend the gameplay.

Lack of time

The demography has changed. Video games are no longer children’s toys. Most gamers have jobs and families; hence, they don’t have much time to play. Moreover, they want it to be relaxing. Games like Uncharted or Tomb Raider answer this call, providing players with entertaining yet casual gameplay.

There are more games

The number of video games released each year has increased. It’s impossible, even for hardcore players, to try every single one. Major publishers compete for our time, and they know that they’ll lose this fight if they release a frustrating game. Additionally, easy games can be completed sooner more quickly. Therefore, you can finish more virtual journeys if they’re not too demanding. Finally, many video games developed in recent years emphasize their stories. It’s almost impossible to follow a compelling tale when you spend hours trying to defeat every single enemy.

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Difficulty levels

Most old games had just one preset difficulty, while today’s releases offer numerous levels to choose from. Moreover, players can change various in-game stettings, such as opponents’ IQ, aiming assistance, etc. As a result, even if a game’s default difficulty isn’t high, players may change it to get a more demanding challenge. 

Challenging games aren’t an extinct species

Last but not least, it’s not true that all modern games are easy. There are many demanding releases. For instance, FromSoftware games such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Sekiro put a lot of emphasis on demanding fights. Furthermore, roguelike games containing the permanent death feature can be described as challenging. Besides, it’s a good idea to look beyond AAA games. There are many indie games perfect for patient players who don’t mind retrying levels countless times. If you’re looking for such a challenge, can easily find a video game for you!

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