Weird video game logic

Best examples of weird video game logic

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We love video games, but we know that many developers use weird patterns and peculiar logic to make their games enjoyable and entertaining. Here are some of the most notorious video game absurds.

Shooting is easy

Sometimes in a video game, we play as a soldier or warrior whose fighting skills should come as no surprise. However, our protagonist is often just an average person who shouldn’t be a match for any enemy who has battle training. But once they find a gun, they somehow transform into an unstoppable killing machine. According to video games handling firearms is easier than using a fork.

Ancient devices work perfectly

Many video games let us explore some long-forgotten places such as ancient ruins. Strangely, almost every mechanism we can find there works flawlessly. Antique civilizations apparently had extremely high engineering standards since their devices survived eons while modern ones break within a month after the warranty expires.

Apocalypse can wait

Usually, we have an ultimate goal in video games. The protagonist’s quest is to save people, prevent the end of the world, or something equally significant. Even though our hero carries the fate of the entire universe on their shoulders, they always find time to complete sidequests. It would be a much smarter choice to start searching for 15 carrots or winning horse races after defeating the big bad boss who wants to destroy everything, including carrots and horses.

You can create an RPG out of sticks

Crafting is probably the most overused mechanic in modern video games. We understand that this could fit the story, especially in post-apocalyptic settings. Unfortunately, for some reason, developers believe that every single protagonist must be like MacGyver, who can build a tank using twigs, duct tape, and ketchup. Moreover, crafting is usually limited to putting pieces of junk together. That resembles the Powerpuff Girls origin story and is equally realistic.

Stuff is everywhere

You enter an abandoned cave that has been inaccessible for centuries… and you find ammo and med packs lying around next to ancient bones. We always wonder who puts all those items in places that should remain unaffected by our civilization. On the other hand, large stashes of guns and medicaments always lie near bosses’ hideouts. If we were evil gangsters or malicious aliens, we would hide our supplies in a place where no one could find them to use them against us. 

Doctors are overrated

Games would be unplayable if they used lifelike healing. Protagonists can’t go to hospital every time they’re hurt. However, some ways of restoring life points are hilarious. When someone complains that modern games are too realistic, they should see recovering from mortal wounds by eating dog food or healing by eating a loaf of bread in the middle of a fight.

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Take what you can

Have you ever walked into a stranger’s house, looked into drawers and stolen plates? Neither have we. Meanwhile, in games – even those quite realistic ones – collecting every piece of garbage is not only possible but very common as well. Maybe there is a mission where you have to gather 20 broken rakes, or a rusty fork may turn out to be an essential ingredient to craft a chaingun. Therefore, it’s better to get it in advance, right?

You can carry an arsenal

FPS characters must have bottomless pockets since they can carry a knife, chainsaw, pistol, different pistol, shotgun, machinegun, minigun, railgun, bazooka, tank, Death Star, Death Star II, and Starkiller Base. On the other hand, RPG protagonists can’t carry everything. Yet they can have millions of gold coins that take no space and weigh 0 lbs either, while a single feather added to an already full inventory can immobilize them completely.

The Dory syndrome

Do you remember Dory, a fish with short-term memory loss? We’re sure that most NPCs suffer from the same disease because they forget what they’ve seen or heard a minute earlier. You can kill their partner, and they will search for you only for a short while. Then they’ll return to patroling as if their dead pal has never existed.

Relationships are simple

Another strange logic concerns relationships. Usually, in role-playing games, our protagonist needs to have a few conversations, constantly ask about one’s feelings, and complete a character-related quest to start a romance. It’s still a better love story than Twilight, though.

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