Video game series that should come back

Video game series that deserve a comeback

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Dozens of games get sequels and reboots, while some series are in a deep slumber. Among them, we can find releases that deserve a spectacular comeback. Here are series that definitely should be brought back to life. 

Legacy of Kain

Video game series that should return

Blood Omen and Soul Reaver games have never offered cutting-edge gameplay. When it comes to mechanics, they are just decent action adventures. However, it is the vast and compelling story that makes Kain and Raziel’s journey so unique. Players love Nosgoth, its heroes, and dark mythology. Unfortunately, this tale has never got a proper conclusion as Legacy of Kain: Defiance ending has left a door wide open for another sequel. We hope that Square Enix will one day decide to bring Raziel and Kain back. Sadly, the next chapter in their story will have a slightly different cast because Tony Jay – Elder God’s voice – passed away in 2006.

Prince of Persia

Video game series that should return

The Prince started as a classic platformer. Although its first 3D installment – Prince of Persia 3D – was a failure, the series recovered from its wounds with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Also, its successors were praised by fans and critics. Unluckily, the Prince lost to Assassin’s Creed because Ubisoft, which owns both franchises, has chosen to develop only its younger child. We would be more than happy to play as the Prince again. Maybe there will be a chance if The Sands of Time remake is successful. 

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Video game series that should return

We all love Half-Life: Alyx; however, Half-Life 3 is the game the world is waiting for. Hundreds of players look for a single clue proving that the next chapter in this story is under development. Possibly sky-high expectations have scared Valve. They know that releasing a good game is not enough. Half-Life 3 must be perfect. Otherwise, the internet will be flooded with statements about broken promises and ruined childhoods. We hope that Valve will take such a risk, though. It would be fantastic to raise a crowbar once more. Moreover, we really miss Gordon Freeman’s sharp retorts and deep monologues. 

Duke Nukem

Video game series that should return

This franchise was buried by Duke Nukem Forever, the game that had been announced in 1997 and released 14 years later. When Duke Nukem Forever finally hit the shelves, it turned out to be outdated and unwanted. But this doesn’t mean that there’s no place for the Duke. Wolfenstein is an excellent example of an old FPS series adapted to modern standards without losing its soul. 

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The Knights of the Old Republic series is loved by Star Wars fans and RPG fans alike. Hence, many players dream of KOTOR 3. Chances of its release dropped when Disney declared that the Expanded Universe is no longer a part of the Star Wars canon. Yet, we still hope that KOTOR will return in some form. Consequently, we’re looking forward to the KOTOR remake that could fit the series in the Disney canon, thus opening the door for a new Star Wars RPG.


Video game series that should return

Despite some struggles, World of Warcraft is doing great, with millions of active players. The MMORPG is a popular yet peculiar video game since it can’t be played without interactions with other players. Hence, we would like to see a comeback of Warcraft as it began – an RTS. Of course, we hope for a brand new game, not a scruffy remaster such as Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Silent Hill

Video game series that should return

Everyone who likes to be scared must be in love with the Silent Hill series. Unfortunately, the franchise has remained on hiatus since 2012. Thanks to famous P.T., the series awoke for a while in 2014. This short game was meant to be an interactive teaser for a new Silent Hill game created by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. Sadly, it has never been released. Furthermore, P.T. has been pulled off the PS Store, and it’s unavailable today. Horror fans still hope Silent Hill will return, but no one knows if this day will ever come.

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Video game series that should return

For a brief time in the early 2000s, it looked like Rayne could become the new Lara Croft. Her two games were well received. She even became the first video game character to have a pictorial in Playboy. Unfortunately, her movie turned out to be a disaster. Moreover, Rayne hadn’t had the third game until 2011. BloodRayne: Betrayal, however, wasn’t a sequel fans wanted. Consequently, they still have to wait for a proper BloodRayne 3.

NBA Live

Video game series that should return

There was a time when EA Sports ruled on the basketball court. Unfortunately, lack of fresh ideas brought the NBA Live series to mediocrity. EA tried to resurrect their basketball series by rebranding it, but NBA Elite turned out to be a fiasco. Over the last nine years, EA Sports canceled NBA Live 13, 17, 20, and 21. In the meantime, Take-Two Interactive has dominated the market with its NBA 2K series. We don’t want NBA Live comeback because we love EA. We believe that pressing competition will force 2K to put more effort into developing new games. Nowadays, it looks like they just release a remastered version of the same game every year. 

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