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The best of the Epic NPC Man series

General 02/06/2021

Epic NPC Man is a series of sketches pointing out RPG games absurds. It was created by a New Zealand group called Viva La Dirt League. Over the years, they’ve parodied such games as The Witcher, Skyrim, and World of Warcraft. We selected ten episodes that make every gamer laugh. 

10. Stuck

Sticking characters can be funny and harmless, but there’s only one thing more annoying than an NPC blocking the path. It’s another player doing it on purpose. 

9. Skip

Have you ever thought, what does an NPC feel when you don’t let him finish his lines?

8. Assasin logic

In many games, NPCs seem to ignore the fact that their companions disappear. Moreover, sometimes they see the player’s character but, after a while, forget about him and return to their routine. We may find this strange logic even in stealth and tactical games such as Commandos.

7. Overburdened 

It’s funny that the character runs carrying ten swords and three plate armors while adding a single feather to his inventory can immobilize him. 

6. Healing

If video game rules had applied to real life, armies would use bakers instead of surgeons.

5. Fire

This one applies not only to RPG games but to many other genres too. For instance, in Age of Empires destroying and repairing structures looks exactly like in this Epic NPC Man episode.

4. Quick save

That’s true! Quick save can be both your best friend and the worst enemy. 

3. Loot Hoarder

We must confess that we’re doing the very same thing – collecting every thrash to sell it for a few dimes. Moreover, we have never thought about buyer’s feelings

2. Female breastplate

A female breastplate is a recurring joke in an Epic NPC Man series. As a result, we may see what happens when a female warrior finds a decent breastplate and how female armor works.

1. Charisma

Playing as a character with high charisma and intelligence is equally fun as having a skilled warrior. Furthermore, it often unlocks many paths unavailable to not-so-clever adventurers.

You can find more videos by Viva La Dirt League here.

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