Games that recovered from a horrible release

Games that recovered from a horrible release

News 07/05/2021

A release is a crucial moment for every video game because the initial reception usually determines whether the game will be successful. Unfortunately, not always everything goes smoothly. Annoying bugs and lacking features could cast a dark shadow over reviews. Luckily, some developers can redeem themselves and fix their mistakes. Here are the games that had a rough start but deserve a second chance. 

Batman: Arkham Knight

This game on PC was a nightmare. Due to bugs and terrible optimization, the Windows version of Arkham Knight was hardly playable. Even the most powerful GPU couldn’t avoid painful frame drops and crashes. As a result, Steam decided to suspend selling the game. Many PC players believed that they would never play this part of the Caped Crusader’s adventures. Fortunately, the developers from Rocksteady Studios have never stopped patching Arkham Knight. Consequently, after months of waiting and tons of fixes, the game finally became almost flawless. If you play Batman: Arkham Knight today, you don’t see a sign of a mess it used to be after the release. 

No Man’s Sky

The Hello Games’ release taught us how the hype train could be dangerous for its driver. The British developer promised plenty of features that No Man’s Sky was lacking. As a result, players felt cheated because they get a boring walking simulator instead of an innovative survival game. Many of them demanded a refund. Fortunately, Hello Games still develops its game. Consequently, No Man’s Sky has changed significantly since its release and, without a doubt, deserves a second chance. 

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Diablo 3

Although the game was a massive hit, some of its features met with heavy criticism. Particularly, the controversial always-on DRM system caused a lot of problems due to server issues. Players also blamed auction houses for breaking the game’s economy. Without a doubt, buying high-level stuff for the real money wasn’t something that Diablo fans have ever wanted. Unfortunately, the DRM demanding constant internet connection stays, however many other features have been changed as players requested. First of all, auction houses disappeared, and the loot system was remodeled. Furthermore, Reaper of Souls expansion has introduced new game modes that spare players the constant grinding of a story mode.

Street Fighter V

To be honest, the newest installment in Capcom’s flagship series on the day of its release looked like an early access version. Street Fighter V included only 16 playable characters and had no story mode at all. Additionally to lacking content, the game had a lot of bugs. Fortunately, most of them have been fixed over time. And both paid and free DLC have pumped up SFV to the size of an actual video game. On the other hand, the list of additional content is so long that Capcom might have gone overboard with microtransactions.

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Battlefront II

The gameplay of this Star Wars shooter was praised since the very beginning, but leveling system was panned. Videos about greedy EA and pay-to-win mechanics swarmed the internet. Of course, players could unlock all the content with in-game currency. However, it took around 40 hours of playing to get just one of many heroes.. First attempts to fix the situation turn out ineffective. Consequently, EA has decided to disable microtransactions entirely. Furthermore, the whole loot box system has been built from scrap to meet players’ expectations. 

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

It’s another example of why greed is among cardinal sins. If you have read initial reviews, you probably think that Middle Earth: Shadow of War is corrupted by microtransactions. Thankfully the game has redeemed the sin of greed. Due to the fan’s criticism, developers removed all microtransactions, improving the game significantly.

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