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5 reasons to play the Mass Effect trilogy

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The Mass Effect trilogy has been a hit since the first installment in the series. If you don’t know why Shepard won players’ hearts and tons of awards, the Legendary Edition is a perfect opportunity to check it out. And here are five of many reasons to give Mass Effect a shot or play it once again. 

A fascinating universe

One of the most impressive things about Lord of the Rings is how complex and detailed the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien is. Apparently, BioWare has learned this lesson because the universe in Mass Effect is also carefully crafted. Critics and players alike praised the well-constructed galaxy full of different species, policies, and threads. You’ll be delighted to explore it whether you’re a sci-fi fan or you appreciate marvelous world-building.

Great characters

Even the most complex world is only as good as the characters inhabiting it. Luckily, it is another field where Mass Effect is doing remarkably well. First of all, Shepard is a likable protagonist who we can shape depending on our play style and choices. Moreover, NPCs are well-written, and their story arcs and great voice acting deeper their personalities. Hence it’s not surprising that players admire characters such as Samara or Garrus.

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An epic journey

The Mass Effect trilogy is a perfect choice for everyone looking for more than just a few hours of playtime. The journey with Commander Shepard is an epic one. It takes around 100-150 hours to complete all three games. Importantly, thanks to the captivating story, likable characters, and engaging missions, time flies when you’re in Shepard’s boots.

Your choices matter

Linear plots could be great, but playing such a game is like reading a book where you don’t influence a story. Fortunately, Shepard’s choices have a powerful impact on other characters and the story itself. A poor decision could cost your companion his life; therefore, you can feel like a real commander. Furthermore, the trilogy has great replay value because you can play Mass Effect numerous times, each time making different choices and seeing its outcomes.  

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BioWare listen to the fans (the right way)

Some fans use to demand changes in their favorites video game, book, or movie series. And, to be honest, most of those fan-pleasing modifications would be disastrous. But not always. Sometimes the fans are right. And this is the case of Mass Effect 3’s ending. We don’t want to spoil you anything, so let’s say just that the grand final was disappointing. One of the fans even sued BioWare and EA for false advertising, but the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that both publisher and developer were not guilty. However, the game’s creators have addressed the criticism. They released a free DLC altering the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy. 


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