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5 Things to know before playing Days Gone

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Days Gone finally hits the PC. We gathered the essential things you should know before jumping on your faithful motorbike to ride across this post-apocalyptic world.

Meet Deacon

Deacon St. John, called Deek, is the main protagonist of the game. He once was a soldier, so he knows how to fight and use firearms. In the post-apocalyptic world, Deacon became a ruthless mercenary. Everything has changed when he found out that his presumed dead wife may be alive. Previously he has been counting days since she has been gone. Now he’s ready to shake move heaven and earth to find her. Therefore, Days Gone is basically a love story. 

There are no zombies

If you want the Days Gone creators to go mad, tell them there are zombies in their game. The enemies in Days Gone may look like zombies, act like zombies and kill like zombies, but they are no zombies. They are the freakers. The Bend Studio crew has underlined multiple times that their monsters are different from the zombies because they are not undead and can’t infect someone by bitting him. Furthermore, freakers are ill, so possibly someone can cure them one day. 

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The apocalypse in Days Gone was caused by a viral infection, causing mutations and changing both humans and animals into murderous monsters. Some people, for instance, our pal Deacon, are immune to the disease. The game’s story starts two years after the pandemic began. 

Mind the fuel

In the post-apocalyptic world of Days Gone, Deacon’s faithful motorbike is his best friend. He needs it to ride across the land and escape enemies. And there’s a lot of riding because you can explore a large open world, including mountains, wilderness, or towns. Therefore, remember that your steel stallion must feed. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge to avoid running out of gasoline in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, if it happens, the map shows you where the nearest canister is. Unfortunately, you must reach it on foot. 

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If you are a trophy hunter, you’ll be please that the PC version of Days Gone fully supports achievements. Moreover, it’s possible to collect them all finishing game just once. Besides, there are no missable achievements because you can complete the missing achievements after finishing the main story. The hardest trophy to get is probably Burnout Apocalypse. To unlock it, you must drift and use nitro for 5 seconds.


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