Will Biomutant win players’ hearts?

News 19/05/2021

We live in a world full of sequels and remasters. Even though many of them are exceptionally good, we constantly wait for something original. And Biomutant could fulfill this desire. The game was first presented in 2017, and we believe that it was worth waiting for.

First of all, Biomutant is a whole new IP. It’s neither a sequel nor an adaptation of any kind. Therefore, we get something unique, and almost every gamer loves to explore unknown lands. 

Furthermore, the game depicts a post-apocalyptic world ruled by anthropomorphic animals. Hence, it kinda looks like a mix of Fallout and Zootopia. The world of Biomutant appears very colorful and joyful, which is very uncommon for post-apocalyptic games. To be honest, it’s very intriguing, and we’re dying to roam this open world and learn the story behind such an unusual setting. We’re also very curious if it’s a dystopian vision of our civilization. And if it’s so, why is there the Tree-of-Life which seems to be crucial to Biomutant’s plot?

Additionally, exploring this open world using mechs, balloons, and other vehicles looks remarkably fun. 

The fighting system can also provide something new. The developers called their game the post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable. It shows martial art called Wung-Fu is essential to Biomutant. Apparently, all the Kung Fu Panda fans will be pleasedWhile most action-adventure RPGs emphasize firearms or cold weapon combat, martial arts could be something new and worth giving a shot. Of course, if you prefer a more classic take on fighting, your character can use both traditional and crafted weapons.

Another thing that could be interesting is the connection between a character’s skills and appearance. Usually, those are two separate things, and it’s possible to build a muscular protagonist who has minimal strength. In Biomutant bigger protagonist is slower but has more endurance, while a smaller creature is more fragile but quicker. 

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Moreover, the Experiment 101 crew promised that the player’s choices and actions play a crucial role in story development and ending. According to them, it could take a very unusual course. We count on it!


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