Paper Shakespeare: Stick Julius Caesar with dagger

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description Opis i wymagania

It's Shakespeare's classic play of political violence that doesn't endorse politics or violence!

Choose to watch the play in translated (-ish) English, or GO BONKERS NUTS AND START YOUR OWN POLITICAL REVOLUTION! Doesn't THAT sound fun?

Featuring an ADVENTURE MODE that allows YOU to decide the fate of the Roman Empire (to the extent that Julius Caesar's timeline happened in). Try not to have it fall! Oh no, that would be bad!

Pick your allies, pick your enemies. Try to be the reigning leader of Rome!

  • Manage your political advisors well. Some may not be best suited for every situation that arises. Or go it alone because you're a strong politician that don't need no advice from others concerning the current situations of the city.
  • Work on the clock - your actions will determine the FATE OF ROME after the assassination of Julius Caesar.
  • Don't feel like playing Adventure Mode? That's cool. Have a sit and watch the play in Not Shakespeare Mode.

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