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A simple family, like hundreds of others, arrive at a country house to celebrate the Christmas holidays. What could be better than to spend Christmas with family in a pleasant festive atmosphere and home comforts? But their plans become unexpected nightmares. Unfortunately, the son has behaved quite differently this year. Instead of being on Santa’s good list he finds himself on the naughty list. Instead of getting a visit by Santa he’s visited by Krampus.

You play as a teenager, who along with his family went to a country house to celebrate Christmas. But in the festive night something went wrong.

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Little christmas horror tale

You are a child who has recently moved to the old gothic house of his family and is eager to put his list of gifts to Santa Claus under the Christmas tree, only it will not be Santa Claus who visits you that night to read it ...
I liked the game, it's like a little Christmas horror story in the form of a walking simulator solving a few puzzles and looking for keys. Everything very simple and simple except perhaps the final puzzle that cost me several attempts. It has the classic occasional scares of the genre and although it can be improved it is not bad if you can get it for a few pennies during the sales. Keep in mind that it is an indie title with its shortcomings ... Even so the game has constant checkpoints well placed so that it does not suppose not a problem to complete it either.
I found it an entertaining experience for the long-lasting fork and I don't think there are many games starring Krampus right now either.

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