Key Selling Procedure 

This procedure is designed to make sure that the sold stock is legitimate and any issues with the codes are quickly found out and solved. We make certain that the customer receives everything they have purchased or is fully compensated in case of any possible issues. We want to ensure that the buyers have the best experience possible. Our verification system is constantly being updated to guarantee that using our website meets the best standards. 

  1. GAMIVO Sellers 

Before any merchant is allowed to create an offer on our website, they are strictly verified. Each seller has to provide all the necessary documentation about their business and about the source of their products. That includes a certificate of incorporation, company payout method, proof of ownership and government-issued ID. Those are the mandatory requirements that help us guarantee safety to our customers. 

We also have a user based merchant rating system in place. It is calculated by user submitted ratings. Merchants that do not meet high quality standards or have a low overall rating are blocked from further sales. 

  1. Key and order verification 

Once the offer is accepted, the keys go through our system that checks if the codes were sold on our website before. It also makes sure that the seller is not trying to sell the same product multiple times. Codes that do not meet the described requirements or are wrongly formatted, cannot be entered in the offer. 

Whenever an order is placed, it is being verified as well. We make sure that the payment goes through smoothly and the code fits the platform’s correct format. 

  1. Reports 

When a report about a key is placed, the offer is flagged and we verify the stock manually. We clarify the matter with the client and then confront the merchant about the case immediately to ensure that the offer is correct. During this process, we make sure to contact the customer about the problem and we refund them or replace the faulty code. 

  1. Offers 

If the seller is not cooperating with us or we have all the sufficient proof of the issue - the faulty listing is suspended and the vendor is not allowed to sell the product

anymore. If multiple offers are reported, we block the merchant from using our platform. All reported keys are either replaced or fully refunded, including any discounts or cashback. 

  1. Additional notes. 

The seller responsible for the incident back in May of 2020 was removed from our platform with prohibition of selling in the future.