Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist

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The United States has a military presence in two-thirds of countries around the world, and some of them have had enough. A group of terrorists calling themselves The Engineers initiate a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist - a deadly countdown of escalating attacks on U.S. interests.

  • Operate without Restrictions  - Sam is back in his tactical suit and goggles, and he’s more lethal and agile than ever. Granted the freedom to do whatever it takes to stop the Blacklist, Sam flies from exotic locales to U.S. cities as he races against the clock to find out who’s behind this devastating threat.
  • Own Your Play Style - Splinter Cell Blacklist builds on the stealth roots of the franchise, while exploring new directions to embrace the realms of action and adventure. Players can define their personal play styles and be rewarded for those choices.
  • Ghost players want to remain undetected. - Assault players rely on instincts and frontal blow to deal with a situation. Panther players look for lethality in the most efficient and silent way.
  • Tools of the Trade - Take down The Engineers by using new gadgets such 
    as the upgraded Snake Cam and Micro-trirotor Drone. Splinter Cell Blacklist is also bringing back fan-favorites like the Sticky Shocker and the brutal, curved Karambit knife. Fans of stealth will be happy to make the most of Sam’s sneaking abilities to abduct and carry enemies, while Killing In Motion allows the player to strike with surgical precision by marking and executing multiple enemies in one fluid motion. 
  • Build a New Echelon  - Sam is building a whole new Echelon unit; his team, his way. Anna “Grim” Grimsdottir is his technical operations manager, CIA operative Isaac Briggs brings additional firepower, and resident hacker Charlie Cole rounds out the crew. 4th Echelon is a fully mobile ops unit with unlimited resources and cutting-edge technology aboard the re-purposed stealth airliner, the Paladin.
  • Enjoy a Fully Integrated Experience  - Sam and his team are aware of terrorist attacks in real time thanks to the Strategic Mission Interface (SMI). The SMI allows 4th Echelon to receive data about mission objectives while on the move. With the SMI, players can take advantage of the universal game economy system that allows players to fully customize and upgrade Sam, his suit, goggles, weapons, the Paladin and much more.
  • Spies vs. Mercs Returns  - Spies vs. Mercs is back with an new take on asymmetrical gameplay. Players will be able to face off in teams of 4 all the while creating their very own Spy or Merc according to their playstyles via thorough customization elements. The original Classic Spies vs. Mercs experience also makes its long awaited comeback for the fans.

This product has connectivity issues due to which some people are reporting not being able to connect to multiplayer or redeem extra bonuses in-game. Aside from Ubisoft's official troubleshooting - no support will be provided on the matter.

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A good SC game

compare to SC conviction , its masterpieces , it plays good and looks good , the story is very interesting but not a very "SPLINTER CELL" one imo ( too personnel when you compare it to the previous games )
unlike conviction you got 3 play style , ghost no kills and detection ( old school ) , panther ( stealthy kills and no detection ) and assault ( run and gun style ).
game runs very well on most pc nowadays 60fps 1080p no problems and still looks great
the multi is dead ( no surprise there ) but you can still play CooP with friends
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A good SplinterCell game for some coop fun

The story is a little lack luster, though I mainly purchased the game for some pvp multiplayer fun
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