Space Ranger vs. Reptiloids: 2 Edition

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Evil is back!

From the dark corners of the cosmos, where many secrets are hidden, those who want to capture our planet returned!

And the world needs your protection again!

Beat waves of enemies, on your spaceship. Choose ammunition and repair your ship. Then, you will win!

Countless ships will attack, again and again, until the planet surrenders. Take on again the role of the defender of mankind!

But, alien ships are not the only danger that threatens in space. Underestimate the danger of space is not worth it! The meteorite belt in which the battle takes place also carries a serious threat.

Choose ammunition, destroy enemy ships in order to weaken the enemy fleet. To end, fight the main ship of the armada and defeat it.

Will this time, one person repeat his feat? Overcome the whole army of alien ships and survive, only a true hero can!

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