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Why Power Brain Trainer? Looking for cool content? Do you constantly meet shooters, platformers, fighting, racing, sports games in the Steam store? Very good that you are here now! Listen, you're cool, let's get better. Let's start brain training, join us!

Fun For Everyone & Fun For You! Everyone can play and improve their brain on this Simulator! No matter who you are: teenager or adult, schoolboy or student, fireman or police officer, teacher or programmer – always keep yourself in good shape. We have interesting exercises for you. Make settings easier – relax and play. Or do you enjoy difficulty? Choose a challenging level and go to victory! It is a universe of creativity and reason.

Not Bad, Because It's Great! Power Brain Trainer it only benefits you. There is no need to be scared to train your brain, it is much more interesting than you think. Make your life better, add new colors to your everyday routine.

  • Includes 15 different test-games
  • Flexible complexity settings
  • Fair assessment of abilities
  • Recording the history of the passages
  • Results chart and statistics
  • Select any background from the 48 proposed
  • Select a cool background from the add-on package (DLC “PBT-GOLD”)
  • Upload your own background (DLC “PBT-GOLD”)
  • Customize the interface colors to your liking (DLC “PBT-GOLD”)
  • Select a beautiful cursor and color it (DLC “PBT-GOLD”)

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