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Nadir: A Grimdark Deckbuilder

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Team Nadir, Black Eye Games


Team Nadir

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Abandon All Hope...

A grim deck-building roguelike adventure is burning with infernal fire, and it draws influence from a wide range of exceptional sources, with Dante's Divine Comedy as the most profound source. You will meet the illegitimate offspring of Darkest Dungeon and Slay the Spire! Control a Deadly Sins avatar in 1v1 battles with formidable demons. Create your own playing cards to defeat strong demons. Amass resources, grow your city, become more powerful - and rule the underworld.

7 Deadly Sins

The gaming experience will be significantly changed by the opponents that each of the Sins introduces. The secret to creating a strong deck and surviving each battle is to understand it and figure out how to defeat it. In order to grow Nadir's city and unlocked additional characters, cards, and vendors, gather resources during expeditions. When you defeat the boss and unlock new Sins, you can expand your underworld kingdom and improve your chances in subsequent battles.

Red and blue

Take part in card battles where you can play each of your cards in one of two ways - depending on whether it is blue or red. Use the balance between them to your advantage, but watch out because every move you take will strengthen the enemy's skills. Gather red and blue skills to combine into one-of-a-kind double cards that you can use to customize the deck and position it for maximum survival.


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