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The celebrated Mega Man X series returns! Play as Mega Man X – the powerful successor of classic fighting robot Mega Man – as he battles a variety of deadly bosses known as Mavericks in four unforgettable titles. Mega Man X Legacy Collection includes the legendary 16-bit titles and the series’ exciting foray into the 32-bit era: Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3, and Mega Man X4. The heroic robot grows stronger as he takes down Mavericks and steals their weapons, and can dash and wall jump making for a thrilling, fast-paced combat experience.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection comes with an armory of new features. Test your skills in the new X Challenge mode, which pits players against two deadly bosses in two-on-one battles. Explore a huge museum filled with rare production art, catalogs of classic merchandise, a playlist of nostalgic commercials, and more.

This collection is the ultimate way to experience the beginning of the high-octane Mega Man X series.

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you must play it

clasic game, is very fun and have a good OST, you should buy it for your collection, megaman x1 x2 x3 and x4, a lot of powers, armor, secrets like hadouken
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great game

one of the best collection in the mega man series!
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