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This is an Xbox One version of the game.

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Why you should buy Limbo: You love experiencing outstanding gameplay ideas. You appreciate creative graphic design concepts. You like the chills given by the ... Mehr erfahren

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Why you should buy Limbo:

  • You love experiencing outstanding gameplay ideas.
  • You appreciate creative graphic design concepts.
  • You like the chills given by the horror atmosphere of a game.

Confused, lost, and alone

Limbo, the impressive action-adventure game from Playdead, begins when you, playing as a boy, wake up in the woods all alone, with your sister nowhere to be found. You can’t remember how you got there, or even worse, how to escape. From that point, the story of Limbo leads you through the deep dark woods. Will you find your sister or your way back home?

No splash of color

The game’s strongest suit is the setting. Not many indie games feature such an atmosphere, created just with 2D graphics and excellent sound design. Another great value is the lighting. It’s the only way to attract the player’s attention to certain details with 2D black and white background. Even your character looks just like a shadow!

Just move forward

It’s hard to say that Limbo features a strong storyline. There are no dialogues, no script, and generally a little story throughout the game. Yet somehow, thinking it’s meaningless would be so wrong. The game’s ending is deeply thought-provoking and will probably leave you with multiple questions.

Solve puzzles or die

Limbo features not only a terrifying atmosphere but also some deadly puzzles. You may expect some jumpscares, some spooky sound-play, and monstrosities following you around the forest. Despite the gameplay being short, the final cutscene will leave you greatly amused. But the game is not over yet! With the second replay, you’ll unlock some secrets you haven't had a chance to explore during the first time!

Limbo: key features

  • Excellent atmosphere,
  • Beautiful setting,
  • Highest-quality sound design,
  • Challenging puzzles,
  • An ending that will leave you shocked.

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