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Fall of an Empire PRE-ORDER

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JG Games

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Fall of an Empire is a survival strategy game. Set in an ancient empire, you've taken control in a military coup and crowned yourself Emperor. However, you'll need to defend it from the barbarians that are preparing to attack, and you'll need to balance the needs and wants of the rulers of your provinces against each other. It's inevitable that eventually your empire will fall, but it's up to you to see how long it can last.

A grand strategy game you can't win
Instead of consolidating your power, defeating your enemies one after another and building your empire, in Fall of an Empire you'll always be on the defensive. Although your holdings look formidable at the start of the game, you'll quickly realise that you aren't as powerful as it seems. New threats arise constantly and your only hope is to keep your grasp on the land you have already.

Defend your empire
Command your Imperial legions. Recruit your armies in the strategic map, bring them into battle against your foes in the tactical view and crush them utterly - though be sure that your strategies are not outmatched by your enemies...

Massive world
Feel the size and scale of the land you're ruling, with almost a hundred and fifty settlements and four million citizens you must watch over. Fall of an Empire truly makes you feel the gravity your rule.

Complex interactions
There are twelve individual rulers that you need to play off against each other, balancing their opinions of you and each other. Immerse yourself in a byzantine system of treachery, backstabbing and deceit.

Complex battle system
Fight your enemies on a strategic and tactical level. Recruit your armies in the overworld, position your forces and then take direct control of your armies and personally crush your foes.

Expansive lore
Learn the history of the world through events and dialog. Uncover the secrets of your forebears and the complex world which you inhabit. Do you have what it takes to make the decisions of an Emperor?


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