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From Software brings us the third installment of one of the most successful franchises of all times. A game where roleplay and non-stop action mix together in a huge open world.

Dark Souls 3 will leave you breathless with its impressive graphics, that perfectly detail the gloominess of the Kingdom of Lothric where the action takes place.

Choose your weapons between the plethora of available options and learn how to control all the possibilities of a very deep combat system. You will have to master your combat style if you want to defeat the endless amount of enemies that you will have to face. Whether they are humanoid horrors or giant abominations coming out from hell, everything in this world is designed to bring your life to an end and stop you before you find and bring back the Lords of Cinder to their thrones at Firelink Shrine, in order to link the Flame again.

Sword and sorcery genre reaches its maximum expression in Dark Souls 3.

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Love this game!

Fun relaxing game for the whole family...

After I played through Bloodborne on my PS4 I knew I have to give this a try too. And I feel it was well worth it.
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Excellent Game!

this game has always been popular due to its difficulty and challenge to experts and especially newcomers either way it will be sure to please you`re Need for action, this game offers very much especially for fans of the trilogy and to put it simple I`ll make a list of the cons and pros that I are for the most part the most of importance Pros: There is plenty of enemy variety, Loot, Available secret quests and Summons for allies, World is half linear but it makes it to were atleast you don't get lost and less backtracking fustrations , Good variety of Bosses Cons: The game is very good and has been progressing towards a good path yet for their third game its missing some innovation that would had made this have its own uniqueness which means developers did progress in gameplay and overall to what they had before in a relevant way but did not take a risk into adding some higher unique functions or new ideas into this perhaps due to not risking it.
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Best game of the series!

Dark souls 3 is the finial chapter and it's the best!
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Too Good

Very good for a final chapter, Top. Even pretty hard at some points also for some challenge
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Pretty cool

Pretty cool game and the deluxe version also has the 2 super cool dlc!
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Beautiful game!

The Souls series in general has been one of the, if not the best representatives in the Action-RPG genre by far; and this one is not exception. Dark Souls 3 take the best features from all the souls games: The Feeling of Demon's Souls with some mechanics from it, and the same charm that Dark Souls 1 and 2 had at the same time. It's hard to describe but once you play it, and, if you're a fan you'll know what i'm talk it about. If you're not a fan or never played the prev. Souls games i said and you're craving for an unique, beautiful handcrafted RPG, i easily recommend to start with this game. Just to name a few goodies:

HUGE Graphic improvement. The best looking souls game
Best combat in the whole series and the most responsive. TONS of Weapons and Cool Spells, being the 2nd souls games with most of them
Best Boss Designs, and the level design is beautifully crafted visually
Best customization. From Character Creator to all the lots of armours the game offers
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