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The Last Campfire

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Hello Games


Hello Games

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Why you should buy The Last Campfire 

  • You’d like to test your puzzle-solving skills. 
  • Adventure games are your favorite. 
  • You always find the light, even in the darkest of times. 

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The Last Campfire 

The Last Campfire is an adventure game with the elements of logic, developed and published by Hello Games, the creative minds behind No Man’s Sky, Lost Winds, and the Joe Danger series. The idea for the game was an experiment in a way, as the developers wanted to challenge themselves in a completely different genre for them. It turned out to be a great success and the game was warmly approved by players.

Light The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire is an excellently designed puzzle game with a heart and soul. The game explores the depths of darkness, searching for the light with charm, smarts, and grace. The story is beautifully narrated by Rachel August, who leads players through the world of The Last Campfire in the third person, giving them an insight into Ember’s feelings.

The game is a magical combination of clever puzzles, beautiful art, and engaging storytelling that makes Ember’s journey a joyful experience. 

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Discover a purpose

The Last Campfire leads the player through the darkness in the search for light, hope, and a way home. Taking the role of Ember, a little creature that separated from a group of pilgrims and lost its way, the player ventures through forests, swamps, and caves. Along the way, Ember crosses paths with Forlorns, the lost souls that gave up all hope and purpose. To help them come back to life, the player has to light campfires along his way, that guide Forlorns and allow them to follow Ember. To do so, the player has to solve the puzzles to unlock the path to the flame that will wake Forlorns up and revive them. Ember experiences a highly rewarding journey, trying to help as many lost souls as it can, and questioning their purpose in the world along the way.

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On a journey 

Wander deeper into the dark forests and lands and overcome puzzles before you. Explore the magical wilderness full of folk, mysterious creatures, and mystical ruins. Find Hope and take it with you on the journey to light The Last Campfire.  

Make progress by solving clever puzzles, challenging and enjoyable enough that they will make the gameplay unique and exciting for hours. The puzzles are beautifully done, with the larger ones being truly magical, immersing you deeper into the world of The Last Campfire. 

Throughout the game, special items and original mechanics are introduced. Solve the puzzles by manipulating your surroundings and unlock new abilities. 

The world and localisations are rather small but filled with nooks and crannies, as well as hidden passages.

The Last Campfire features

  • Engaging story.
  • Clever and challenging puzzles. 
  • Magical world and characters.
  • Hidden passages. 
  • Special items and novel mechanics.

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