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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Argentina.

This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.

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Toby Fox


8-4, Ltd.

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Why you should buy Undertale:

  • You love games in old-school style.
  • You die for titles focused on a rich storyline.
  • You wish to meet a cast of unique characters.

Way down below

Ages ago, the world belonged to humans and monsters. The humans lived on the surface, and the monsters found their homes below the ground. Undertale lets you discover the mysterious underground world in a pixel-art RPG adventure. Reveal all the secrets hidden below the surface!

You choose the story

Play as a kid who fell down the pit in the forest and found themself in the long-forgotten world of monsters. From now on, it will be up to you how the story goes. Will you try to escape or stay in there forever? Will you befriend the monsters or fight them as greatest enemies?

Variety of monsters

On your way through the underworld, you will stumble upon various monsters – each with a different appearance, each with a different personality. Prepare for some engaging dialogues with tons of humor and unpredictable plot twists. You’ll even meet some powerful bosses you’ll be able to befriend!

Look for dogs

The developer surely was a dog person, as you can spot at least six adorable puppies around the underworld. Will you be able to find more? Even if not, you’ll find some other form of entertainment, like dating a skeleton or… Whatever you’re into.

Undertale: key features

  • Innovative combat mechanics,
  • The ending depending on your choices,
  • Nice soundtrack,
  • A cast of unique characters,
  • Witty writing.
Undertale EN Argentina

Find yourself in the mysterious world of monsters

Undertale EN Argentina

Choose your path: peace or war?

Undertale EN Argentina

Enjoy the witty writing and many gags


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EVERYONE 10+Der Inhalt ist grundsätzliche für Personen ab 10 Jahren geeignet. Kann Gewalt in Form von Cartoons oder Fantasy, milde Gewalt, milde Kraftausdrücke und/oder minimal obszöne Themen enthalten.


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