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This content requires the base game Dead by Daylight on Steam in order to play.

Dead by Daylight: Survivor Expansion Pack Steam


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This bundle includes the following: Ace Visconti (from “Of Flesh and Mud”) Feng Min (from “Spark of Madness”) Kate Denson (from “Curtain Call”) Adam Francis (... Mehr erfahren

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Behaviour Interactive Inc.


Behaviour Interactive Inc.

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This bundle includes the following:

  • Ace Visconti (from “Of Flesh and Mud”)
  • Feng Min (from “Spark of Madness”)
  • Kate Denson (from “Curtain Call”)
  • Adam Francis (from “Shattered Bloodlines”)
  • Jeff Johansen (from “Darkness Among Us”)
  • Jane Romero (from “Demise of the Faithful”)
  • Yui Kimura (from “Cursed Legacy”)
  • Zarina Kassir (from “Chains of Hate”)
  • Felix Richter (from “Descend Beyond”)
  • Élodie Rakoto (from “A Binding of Kin”)
  • Yun-Jin Lee (from “All-Kill”)

Will you be a leader? A hero? An escape artist? With this collection of original Survivors, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect skillset to suit your playstyle. Explore and discover new perks and backstories from a roster of 11 unique characters.

About the base game:

Dead by Daylight

Experience the nightmare of escaping a killer in Dead by Daylight, a multiplayer horror game from Behaviour Interactive. Play as one of four survivors or chase other players as a sinister killer. Survive terrors awaiting you in different procedurally generated levels. Play from two points of view: from the third-person perspective as the survivor or the first-person point of view as the killer. Dead by Daylight contains mature content, such as violence and gore, therefore may not be appropriate for all players. 

Be the killer or the prey 

Gather friends to play 4vs1 multiplayer. Playing as one of the Dead by Daylight survivors, your goal will be to not only escape the killer but also find a way out of this nightmare. The player who picks to be the murderer has several Dead by Daylight killers to choose from. Play as a Nurse with the power of teleportation, a Wraith who can turn invisible, a Doctor who can make survivors insane, and more!

Buy Dead by Daylight on GAMIVO 

The first rule of surviving horror: never split up 

Dead by Daylight survivors have two options to live through the horrors. The first is to team up and try to escape the killer, overpower him, and help each other out. The second option is to be selfish and only care for your own head. However, any fan of the horror genre knows that splitting up when a bloodthirsty killer is chasing you may not be the brightest idea. Each of the Dead by Daylight characters has its own progression systems, skills, unlockable features, customizations, and powers, so maybe teaming up is not such a bad idea?  

Horrifying fun

As each level of Dead by Daylight is procedurally generated, you never know what to expect next. The survivors also have no clue who is chasing them until they cross paths on the map. The chilling music and locations you’ll find yourself in, like abandoned houses, scrap yards, and foggy lakes, intensify the experience of horror, sending chills down your spine. 


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