Crafting Games

Creating your own tools, houses and equipment is always fun! In crafting video games you will be required to gather materials by yourself and create solutions that fit the encountered problems the game will throw at you!

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If you’re looking for a game that will get your creative juices flowing, you’ve come to the right place. Here at GAMIVO, you’ll find a large collection of PC and console games that are all about crafting. Indulge in your creative instincts, unleash your imagination, and immerse yourself in some of the greatest games of all time, where possibilities are boundless.


What are crafting games all about?

Crafting games - a much-loved genre - are video games that empower players with the ability to create, alter and shape their own game world. Elements like terrain, objects, or even entire cities are at your fingertips to construct and modify. The worlds you design are not just static, but alive, interacting with your actions and evolving through your decisions.


As you play, you’ll come across different types of resources, which can be used to craft various items and objects. These craftables will often let you progress further in the game, making your character stronger, but can also be just decorative pieces you can use to build whatever you like.


Why are crafting games all the rage right now?

It's simple - they give us the freedom to create, to build, and to see our ideas become tangible realities. Crafting games serve as a canvas for our inventiveness, providing satisfaction that is akin to finishing a masterpiece. Players can explore, experiment, and even fail in a safe space, without worrying about consequences. Beyond the thrill of creation, these games often offer robust storytelling and in-depth character development, combining great gameplay with an intriguing plot. These elements make crafting games one of the most popular game genres, and the crafting mechanic itself is now adapted by a wide variety of games.


Finding the right crafting game for you

There are hundreds of great titles that feature crafting. If you’re looking for a new crafting game to play, take a look at some of the greatest genre classics of all time if you haven’t played them yet:


  • Minecraft - It's impossible to discuss crafting games without mentioning Minecraft, the quintessential crafting game. With its unique blocky visuals, players can create everything from simple huts to extravagant castles in a vast open world. The game features both creative and survival modes, allowing players to choose between free-mode building and having to gather resources themselves.

  • Terraria - Often described as '2D Minecraft', Terraria combines crafting with adventure. Besides constructing your own world, it offers a rich roster of monsters, resources, and treasures to discover. There are tons of bosses to beat, powerful items to craft, biomes to explore, and much more!

  • Subnautica - Dive into an underwater adventure where survival is key. This crafting game takes the genre to new depths, challenging players to collect resources and build under the sea.

  • Stardew Valley - Experience the charm of country life with this farm simulation crafting game. Grow crops, raise livestock, and build your farm from the ground up.

  • Don't Starve - This quirky survival crafting game thrusts players into a darkly whimsical world. Craft tools, build shelters, and fend off strange creatures to survive.