Rule the seas in World of Warships and earn money!

Promotions 11/07/2022

Join the navy in World of Warships and get a fair reward for your courageous service. You can earn up to 3 USD by simply playing the game for approximately 30 minutes. It’s an opportunity no sea wolf should miss!

UPDATE: Due to the large number of sea wolves willing to join our naval experience, we decided to give you more time. Our adventure lasts till the end of August!

GAMIVO has for you a new mission and new treasures to acquire. Your quest is as simple as it may be – you only need to play World of Warships and unlock a Tier 1 ship. 

  1. Enter the World of Warships page via this link
  2. Choose your initial ship and create a new account, 
  3. Play the game and unlock any Tier 1 ship and use it,
  4. You’ll get your reward within 7 days.

Right after joining the game, you’ll receive tons of unique bonuses, including:

  • 10 days of WoWS premium account,
  • 1 000 000 Credits
  • Port slot
  • 6-skill-point Commander
  • One of the Warships to choose from: 
    • Caledon (British Tier III Cruiser)
    • St. Louis (American Tier III Cruiser)
    • Kolberg (German Tier III Cruiser)

The best part is that it takes around 30 minutes to unlock a Tier 1 vessel. Use it in a battle to complete our mission and start building your glorious fleet. Within 7 days, you’ll receive an e-mail with a discount code; however, your real reward will be an exciting naval experience that only World of Warships can provide! 

Get a reward

We’re sure you wanna know what treasures you’ll get for this quest. You’ll be rewarded with a 1, 2, or 3 dollar GAMIVO discount code. The amount of your reward depends on your localization; you can find the details at the bottom of the sea… we mean, the Terms & Conditions section. You can use your discount coupon to lower your purchase price on GAMIVO or even get something free.

World of Warships

World of Warships is a sea sister of the famous World of Tanks. This engaging free MMO lets you become a fearless commander and lead your battleship against thousands of players from all over the world. World of Warships features over 200 vessels, including destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers, so you’ll get a chance to build an unstoppable armada and experience an unforgettable naval adventure! 



“Wargaming: World of Warships”


§ 1


1. The Organizer of the Competition is GAMIVO.COM Limited, 99 Dingli Street, SLM 1905 Sliema, Malta, Tax ID MT26082720, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”.

2. The promotional competition, hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”, will be carried out in the period from 11th of July to 28th of August 2022.

3. The competition will be conducted in cooperation with Wargaming Group Limited based in 105, Agion Omologiton Avenue, Nicosia, 1080, Cyprus

4. The Organizer reserves the right to terminate the competition before the time marked as the end date in point 2.

5. The competition is not a promotional lottery.

§ 2


1. Any natural person of legal age may participate in the Competition.

2. Employees of the Organizer and Wargaming Group Limited cannot participate in the Competition. and companies cooperating with the Organizer as part of this Competition.

3. The Competition is also not open to members of the immediate families of the persons referred to above (i.e. their spouses, children, parents and siblings).

4. One participant may use one account. Any multi account will be banned from taking part in this contest.

§ 3


  1. The condition for participation in the Competition is opening an account on the website GAMIVO.COM or being an active user of the site.
  2. The participant has to click on the tracking link of World of Warships set in one of the gaming pages. The link will redirect to the World of Warships landing page.
  3. For registering a user will get bonuses listed below:
    1. 10 days of WoWS premium account,
    2. 1 000 000 Credits
    3. Port slot
    4. 6-skill-point Commander
    5. One of the Warships to choose from: 
      1. Caledon (British Tier III Cruiser)
      2. St. Louis (American Tier III Cruiser)
      3. Kolberg (German Tier III Cruiser)
  4. For registering, fighting the battles and for making the first in-game vehicle purchase as well as winning battle with it, the participant will receive a GAMIVO discount code. The code may be used during a purchase made on the GAMIVO.COM account.
  5. The value of the discount depends on the participant’s country and is provided in Appendix 1.
  6. The discount code will be sent to the participant by e-mail in under 7 days from achieving the goal.
  7. The discount code may be used on the participant’s account on the GAMIVO.COM platform within 30 days of receipt, after which the code will expire.
  8. The discount code may be used exclusively on the participant’s account. The discount code may not be sold or transferred to a different account.
  9. The participants are not entitled to exchange their prizes for cash or any other type of prize.
  10. The participant may waive the prize, but will not be entitled to a cash equivalent or any other prize in return.
  11. Any tax obligations arising from winning a prize in the Competition shall be borne by the Winner.
  12. If the geolocation of a participant stands as “unknown” in the Wargaming affiliation system, the user is not entitled to receive any rewards.

§ 4


  1. Any doubts regarding the rules of the Competition, the provisions of its Regulations and the interpretation is decided by the Organizer.
  2. The organizer is entitled to change the provisions of these Regulations, if not this will worsen the conditions of participation in the Competition. This is especially true changes in the dates of individual competition activities and changes in the specification of the award.
  3. The amended Regulations are in force from the time they are published on the website.
  4. By taking part in the Competition, the Participant confirms that he agrees to the rules of the Competition contained in these Regulations,


The Value of GAMIVO.COM Discount code

Tier 1:

GAMIVO.COM value of discount: 3 USD

Participants country: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, United States, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland.

Tier 2

GAMIVO.COM Value of discount: 2 USD

Participants country: Kazakhstan, Moldova, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Greece

Tier 3

GAMIVO.COM Value of discount: 1 USD

Participants country: Spain, Croatia, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Taiwan Province of China, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Mexico, Ecuador, Saint Barthelemy, Nicaragua, Saint Martin, Guadeloupe, Dominican Republic, French Guiana, Chile, Peru, Haiti, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Cuba, Uruguay, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines


Participants from the People’s Republic of China, Belarus, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine are excluded from the competition.

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