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Is Final Fantasy XIV worth a try?

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Final Fantasy XIV has seen a massive popularity boost recently. Even many World of Warcraft players have decided to switch their allegiance to Square Enix’s MMORPG. Let’s check why FF XIV is successful and what you should know before giving it a shot.

Final Fantasy XIV reborn

If you played Final Fantasy XIV back in 2010, you probably don’t understand how people can play such a crap. But the originally released FF XIV is not the same game we have today. 2010’s game was a mess panned by both critics and players. Seeing its failure, Square Enix decided to bury it in the digital desert and start everything from scratch. As a result, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, featuring new engine, story, and mechanics, was released in 2013. This is the version we have today. So far, it has gathered 22 million players and has had four major expansions:

You don’t have to know anything

The title Final Fantasy XIV sounds like it has been the next sequel in the long-running series. As a matter of fact, however, it doesn’t matter if you’ve played any FF game before. The MMORPG has its own setting, races, and characters not related to any other installments in the franchise. Consequently, you may give the game a shot without worrying about misunderstanding its universe or story.

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WOW is in trouble

The last months haven’t been great for the world’s most famous MMORPG. Many players have left Azeroth. According to them, Blizzard can’t fix the game’s problems and develop World of Warcraft the way the community wants. Even Asmongold, WoW’s most renowned streamer, has recently decided to play another MMORPG. His first Final Fantasy XIV stream at the beginning of July had more than 200 000 viewers. Since then, he’s been regularly streaming FF XIV, raising the game’s recognizability.

Don’t try to do everything

Many new FF XIV players try to complete every available mission. Unfortunately, most of them are boring low reward fetch quests. Completing all of them is a straightforward way to hate the game. What should you do then? Choose quests carefully and pick the important ones. For instance, story missions will boost your progress. Additionally, every quest type has its individual icon, so it’s easy to find only the ones you really need. 

Longer playtime for free

Final Fantasy XIV is not a free-2-play game; however, you can experience a substantial part of your journey before you have to pay. Especially after the recent changes – the free trial has been extended to 60 levels, and playtime limitations have been removed. As a result, when you reach the maximum free level, you’ll know if you like the game and want to buy the full version and its expansions.  

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You don’t need a party to have fun

Unlike Final Fantasy XI, the 14th installment is designed to allow gamers to play solo. At least for the most part. Therefore, you don’t need any company to start your journey in the realms of Eorzea. Of course, it’s an MMO, so you’ll need a team to explore dungeons or fight bosses, but most of the time, you can play alone.

Class changing

The advantage of Final Fantasy XIV is that you can change your character’s class and job. If you get bored of playing as a monk and want to become a ninja, you’ll be able to do it without creating a new avatar. Hence, it’s wise to spend some time creating your character because they can be with you for a very long time.


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