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Rhythm games are often relegated to the classification of “kid’s games” unless it’s Guitar Hero or Rock Band. For those that haven’t delved into anything beyond a shooter or quest title lately, they’d be surprised to discover the variety and diversity in rhythm games. They typically require proprietary controllers, but they’re fun and encompass titles for the PC, multiple consoles and even VR.


It’s almost as if music meets Missile Command and players use their own music for gameplay. Gamers are equipped with a blue shield and an orange shield they use to block corresponding blocks of the same color that “attack” to the beat of the music. Attacks are fast or slow, depending on the selected songs.

Beat Saber

The title is among a new crop of games developed for virtual reality. In an interesting twist, the game involves silencing the music. Armed with a red saber in one hand and a blue saber in the other, players are tasked with slicing the colored blocks that will be coming at them – with the correctly colored saber, of course.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute

The game adds a twist to the rhythm genre by placing music in a first-person shooter. Players load, fire, and blast demons in time to the sound of screaming guitars. The monsters’ attacks are also timed to the music.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

The title provides a surprising level of difficulty as gamers attack and move to the beat of the music. Movement and actions performed off the beat earns players a penalty. The game even has an option that allows individuals to upload their own music choices.

DJ Hero

Aspiring DJs can get the experience of what it feels like to be a DJ. The game utilizes a plastic turntable to tap and scratch with beats from some of the greats in the business. It’s one of the most unique rhythm games to come out of the genre.


More than a fun video game, it actually teaches people to play by plugging in a real electric guitar. It features short lessons in the form of mini games and when gamers are proficient in those, they can attempt full songs by some of the music industry’s star performers.

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