What should you know about F1 2021?

F1 2021: 5 things you should know about the game

News 14/07/2021

F1 2021 is the new installment in the official game of the world’s most famous motorsport. Let’s see what has changed since F1 2020 and what new features the game will bring us.

EA strikes back

This year’s installment is the first one developed by Codemasters after Electronic Arts acquired the studio. It means that EA has an F1 video game under their wings again. It’s the first time since 2003’s F1 Career Challenge. Since its release, seven different drivers have won the Formula One championship.

Dynamic duo

5 things you should know about F1 2021

Back in the day, split-screen was an essential feature of every racing game. Unfortunately, for some reason, most developers have decided to cut it out from their games. As a result, you can’t compete against your friend sitting on one couch. Luckily, the F1 series reintroduced split-screen in the previous installment. Now, this feature comes back. Moreover, the F1 2021 offers another option for two players. In the Two-payer career mode, you can cooperate or compete against your friend in the same campaign. 

Story mode

Most modern sport games offer a story mode that combines gameplay with some plot. For instance, NBA 2K’s story mode, besides NBA stars, has featured many renowned actors and filmmakers such as Spike Lee, Rosario Dawson, and Idris Elba. This time Codemaster’s hit franchise also contains a story mode called Braking Point. We’ll follow the story of Aiden Jackson, a 19 years old driver who tries to become an F1 star. During your journey, you’ll meet an old foe because Devon Butler, the F1 2019 villain, returns. Hopefully, it will provide us with a compelling story. In a worst-case scenario, Braking Point will turn out to be a really engaging tutorial. 

Is it difficult?

5 things you should know about F1 2021

The F1 series aspires to be realistic, so it tries to accurately simulate racing and respect the law of physics. Consequently, it seems to be more challenging than racing games that focus solely on fast-paced action. Fortunately, F1 2021 should be easily accessible for casual players thanks to a customizable setting allowing to adjust the difficulty level. 

Deluxe content

5 things you should know about F1 2021

Virtually every modern game comes in different versions. Publishers tempt us with Special, Gold, or Best-in-the-world editions featuring exclusive content, some amount of in-game currency, perks that accelerate leveling up, etc. F1 2021 is no exception here. F1 2021 Deluxe Edition contains items, 18 000 PitCoins, and seven F1 stars from the past available in the MyTeam mode:

  • Alain Prost,
  • Ayrton Senna,
  • David Coulthard,
  •  Felipe Massa,
  • Jenson Button,
  • Michael Schumacher,
  • Nico Rosberg.

If you’re a big fan of some of these iconic drivers, choosing the Deluxe Edition is worth considering.


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