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Japanese mythology is definitely one of the most popular themes in the gaming industry. No wonder the announcement of Ghostwire Tokyo was warmly welcomed among the fans of Japanese culture. Developed by Tango Gameworks, this action-adventure game is about to hit the shelves!

What’s the story?

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s narrative takes place in an alternative reality where the capital of Japan went through a mysterious phenomenon. Due to the activities of an occult group, almost the entire population of Tokyo has disappeared. What’s more, the streets are now inhabited by the Yokai: supernatural beings and entities of Japanese folklore. As you can guess, these spirits, named the Visitors, will cause a lot of trouble!

Your character, Akito, is one of the very few who remained. Equipped with supernatural abilities, you’ll have to fight the hordes of vicious Yokai, discover the source of your power, and learn why the Yokai appeared in your world.

Your new abilities

You can’t fight supernatural beings with conventional weapons, but thanks to your otherwordly abilities, you are not helpless. Akito relies on Ethereal Weaving. By using elaborate hand gestures, you’ll be able to weave supernatural energy and release it upon your enemies. These gestures were inspired by the Kuji-kiri, traditional movements of various Japanese religious beliefs and martial arts.

Knowing which type of energy harms each spirit the most will be crucial to your survival. There are three elements you may weave: wind, water, and fire. Each element has a different range, attack type, or boasts defensive features. These features, especially energy-weaving, will feel particularly good with the PS5 DualSense controllers. Thanks to the advanced haptics, combat is going to be insanely immersive!

Said combat looks crisp and satisfying. Weaving energy instead of using guns, swords, and other “classic” weapons is a breath of fresh air as well. Ghostwire: Tokyo has the potential to become one of the most original games out there, especially since it already boasts a unique setting, an alluring narrative, and a captivating atmosphere. The unique take on combat is its strongest feature as well. If you want to get a gist of what Ghostwire: Tokyo is like, watch some videos that feature bits of the gameplay!

A bit of cuteness

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Visitors look frightening, but not every spirit you meet has the intention of killing you. You’ll meet Nekomata, a cute cat yokai that … run the shops and stalls left by the humans. You may buy useful talismans, ammunition, food, and other items you’ll need on your journey. Akito will also meet tanuki, friendly raccoon dogs that will reward him with protective charms and useful goods after helping them with various tasks. One of the tanuki we’ve seen is wearing a hard hat. Isn’t it adorable?

Animals play an important role in Japanese folklore, so naturally, you’ll meet plenty of them in Ghostwire: Tokyo. From Shiba Inu to stray cats, your furry friends are going to help you survive among the hostile yokai. Petting pets is one thing, but you may also read their thoughts to acquire important information and hints. 

There are also other Yokai who won’t assault you straight away, if not at all. Hundreds of spirits roam the abandoned streets of Shibuya; sending these souls back to the outside world gives you new perks and the experience needed to level up. Akito may also stumble upon personifications of natural phenomena. Look for these beings and capture them to acquire their powers. 

When is Ghostwire Tokyo coming out? 

We believe that many players are as excited about Ghostwire: Tokyo as we are. The combination of Japanese traditions and folklore with modern themes looks very authentic. There’s a large dose of spookiness and unique designs we love. Japanese studios produce high-quality, polished works of art with beautifully represented folklore. We are more than sure that the Tango Gameworks title won’t be an exception! The Ghostwire: Tokyo release date is set to March 25, 2022. You’ll be able to play this title on the PS5 and PC! 

Ghostwire Tokyo review

With only a few days until the official release, we can finally spill a word or two about the game. Is Ghostwire Tokyo a title worth playing?

There’s no denying that the game has divided reviewers into two groups. On one hand, we’ve got very positive reviews that praise Ghostwire’s unique setting, combat, and attention put into featuring Japanese folklore. At the same time, some of them complained about the immersion-ruining humouristic side quests, the lack of memorable villains, and the difficulty level.

Nevertheless, it would be an exaggeration to say that Ghostwire: Tokyo is a bad game. The game has indeed conjured a unique atmosphere with elements of horror, folklore, and fun combat. The game poses a challenge from time to time as well, so there’s rarely a place for boredom. The audiovisual side of the game deserves praise too, as it always keeps you wondering where your next enemy is.

To sum up, we believe that Ghostwire Tokyo is a game that you should check out, especially if you are keen on the mysteries of Japanese folklore and combat-oriented games.

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