Shadow Warrior 3. Who's the game for?

Shadow Warrior 3. Who’s the game for?

News 04/03/2022

Shadow Warrior 3 has just been released, and it has been receiving mixed reviews. Does it mean that the game is broken or unentertaining? We would say that the answer lies elsewhere.

Lo Wang strikes again

The original Shadow Warrior was released in 1997 by 3D Realms, the Duke Nukem 3D creators. It resembled its famous predecessor in many aspects. Both games were dynamic FPSs with a twisted humor, and both didn’t have luck when it comes to sequels. Duke Nukem Forever was in development for so long that it became a joke. The game finally hit the shelves in 2011, when it was already outdated. Lo Wang, the Shadow Warrior’s protagonist, had to wait even longer. Fortunately, he returned in far better style than Duke. Wang’s comeback was possible because 3D Realms sold rights to the title to Devolver Digital. The new Shadow Warrior shared the title with the original game and was developed by Flying Wild Hog. The reboot was released in 2013 and was followed by 2016’s sequel – Shadow Warrior 2. 

Lo Wang strikes again (again)

Shadow Warrior 3. Who's the game for?

At the beginning of 2022, Shadow Warrior 3 release date was announced, and the game became available on March 1, 2022. Now, a few days after its premiere, we know everything about Lo Wang’s new quest. Well, almost everything because there are some doubts. The game’s Metascore is 72 (user score 5.3), while reviews on Steam are “Mixed“. For many players, the mixed reviews and a Metascore below 80 mean the game is a failure. Such an approach is usually unfair to the game and its creators. We agree that Shadow Warrior 3 is far from perfect, but it’s not terrible either. The problem is that the game is not like pizza – it’s not for everyone.

Who’s gonna love Shadow Warrior 3?

The very first thing you should know before buying Shadow Warrior 3 is that it’s not a looter shooter like its predecessor. As a result, many Shadow Warrior 2 fans are complaining about its sequel. However, no one should be surprised because the developers defined the latest installment in the franchise as “the upgraded version of 2013’s reboot”. It shows clearly that the new Shadow Warrior was meant to have more in common with Shadow Warrior than Shadow Warrior 2. So if you prefer straightforward FPS to looter shooters, you should enjoy Lo Wang’s latest mayhem.

How long is Shadow Warrior 3?

Shadow Warrior 3. Who's the game for?

Another important thing is the game’s length. If you’re looking for a complex, hours-long adventure, Shadow Warrior 3 might not be for you. The Flying Wild Hog’s newest title impresses with its dynamic combat and great graphics, but you won’t spend much time in this world as the campaign is short. You can beat Shadow Warrior 3 in less than 8 hours. Nonetheless, players who are looking for a few afternoons filled with intense chaos rather than a journey of epic proportions won’t be disappointed.

Wang jokes

The game’s rude humor is another reason why some gamers and reviewers give Shadow Warrior 3 low scores. Indeed, Lo Wang is not a master of sophisticated jokes. Nevertheless, his twisted sense of humor is one of the franchise’s trademarks. The series also makes fun of how Western pop culture portrays Asians rather than perpetuates harmful stereotypes. As a result, no one should feel offended by Lo Wang. What’s important, if you’re into gore and you believe that joke can be so bad that it’s actually funny, then you and Lo Wang should become BFFs!


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