GAMIVO birthday

Celebrate the 4th birthday of GAMIVO with us!

Promotions 06/08/2021

We’ve been together for four years. To celebrate this sweet anniversary, GAMIVO has countless surprises for you. It’s going to be a cosmic weekend! 

We’re taking you to outer space to celebrate the 4th birthday of GAMIVO. Let’s see some of the events we have for our users.

Low-budget cosplay contest

GAMIVO birthday

As you probably already know, you may win DIABLO gaming chairs and GAMIVO balance by showing a little creativity. You don’t have to prepare a costume that would become a Comic-Con sensation. Just create a low-budget cosplay of a character from any video game. For instance, you may use duct tape, cardboard and pretend that an umbrella is a crowbar.

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Space game

Also, our Space Game gives you a chance to win valuable prizes. All you have to do is fly our rocket as long and far as you can. Every day until August 8, we reward the top 3 pilots with GAMIVO balance.

  • 1st place – 30 euros
  • 2nd place – 20 euros
  • 3rd place – 10 euros 

You may take off multiple times, so don’t worry if your initial launches aren’t impressive. Remember that it takes practice to become a space top gun!

Birthday giveaway

Every week we give free games to our users, yet this giveaway is unique. Instead of hit releases, you may win a Genesis gaming desk, a set of outstanding Genesis peripherals, or a €150 GAMIVO balance. As you can see, the stakes have never been this high before. You may check out all the details about our birthday giveaway here

Sales and collections

Moreover, we’ve prepared special coupon codes and limited-time sales that we will reveal later this weekend. Therefore visit every day to discover all the birthday surprises!

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