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Why you should buy it:

  • Vikings are the best!
  • You love Norse mythology. 
  • You're looking for a game that tries something unique.

Become a mighty Viking who must protect the seed of a sacred tree called Yggdrasil. Discover the gameplay combining elements of survival game, action-RPG, and roguelike

Day-night cycle

Tribes of Midgard introduces a diverse day-night cycle. At day you explore the land, hunt, build your base, and gather resources. When the dark falls, demons awake. During the night, you must protect your village against the hordes of enemies. After surviving every attack, foes become more powerful; thus, defending a settlement gets more challenging. Luckily, also rewards are getting better after every survived night.

Be a Viking

Create your fearsome einherjar by choosing among many character classes. As the game progresses, you'll upgrade your abilities and gain new skills. Craft your gear to get epic armors and powerful weapons that strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.  

Viking doesn't have to be alone

You can play Tribes of Midgard solo if you want. It's not, however, your only option. You may gather up to 10 players to form a tribe and cooperate to face your enemies. If you fail, the world will end, so the stakes are remarkably high!

Choose you mode

The game offers two diverse game modes. If you're a survival games fan, you should try an open-ended Survival mode. On the other hand, there's the Saga mode suited for players who prefer story-driven adventures.


  • An engaging mix of elements from different genres.
  • Procedurally generated worlds.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • Play solo or form a tribe of up to 10 Vikings.
  • Two different game modes.

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