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This is an Xbox One version of the game.

Slender: The Arrival US Xbox live

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Why you should buy Slender: The Arrival  You’re looking for a horror game that will give you the creeps.  You want to experience a new and improved story of S... Czytaj więcej

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Why you should buy Slender: The Arrival 

  • You’re looking for a horror game that will give you the creeps. 
  • You want to experience a new and improved story of Slenderman.
  • You’re not easily scared. 

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Slender: The Arrival 

Relive the horrors of being stalked by a monster known from urban legends in Slender: The Arrival. In this re-imagining of 2012’s Slender: The Eight Pages by Mark Hadley, you’ll face the terrifying Slenderman once again. Mark Hadley teamed up with the writers of Marble Hornets and the Blue Isle Studios to bring you the ultimate survival horror experience. Enjoy a new story with improved visuals and great replay potential. 

Experience the horror all over again

You’re alone, and no one can hear you. Your task is simple – you have to collect various items and learn the truth about the mysterious Slenderman, known from urban legends. However, this sinister creature is right behind you, watching your every step and trying to stop you from uncovering his dark secrets. You have no weapon, no one to help you. The only option is… to run. 

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Escape the chase 

Equipped only with a flashlight, you have to explore various locations, from dark and lush forests to abandoned houses. The Slender: The Arrival map is much larger than the original game’s. As you can’t fight with the creature, your only chance to survive is to escape from him. Especially that even looking at him can drive you insane. Moreover, Slanderman is not the only sinister monster chasing you. 

Relive the horrors 

Slender: The Arrival offers improved graphics, more levels than the original title, a new enemy, and a new story. The creepy atmosphere is intensified by the sounds of creaking wood, children’s whispers, and a tension-increasing soundtrack.   

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Slender: The Arrival features

  • A new story, levels, and enemy,
  • Escaping from Slenderman,
  • Re-imagined 2012 game with many improvements, 
  • Sinister sound design.

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