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Minecraft - Java Edition

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description Opis i wymagania

How to Activate:

  • To activate the Minecraft key go to and click "register for a Mojang account" or log in if you already have an account.
  • Choose "redeem gift code or prepaid card" option and type in your code.
  • Please remember to type the key without spaces nor pauses.
  • Minecraft (PC) is a digital product- no box included. The code must be activated on the official Minecraft website.

The world is your playground. Minecraft has the creativity factor and the flexibility matched only by playing with LEGO. There is no better game on PC or console to capture the joy of holding the forces of creation in your hand. Whether you choose to explore the boundless world or to create a stronghold and rule over the region, Minecraft supplies you with abilities to do so.

Minecraft game world

The world of Minecraft is constructed entirely of blocks placed on a grid. It stretches across a potentially infinite, procedurally generated plane. As you travel to discover new biomes, each rich with new materials for you to harvest. Explore caves and ruins full of monsters out to get you and resources for the taking.

Minecraft open-ended gameplay

Minecraft gameplay gives you perfect freedom. Explore the world, craft for yourself the tool for survival, or seek rare materials to complete an ambitious construction. Your rewards come from the satisfaction and a sense of power over the environment as you manage to build increasingly more complex structures. Set out goals for yourself and use a robust crafting system to accomplish them. The potentially endless world created by the game is yours to transform.

Robust crafting system

Minecraft boasts hundreds of crafting recipes for the players to discover and use. From tools to weapons and armor to aesthetic additions to your households, it is enough to keep playing for years. Add to this materials with special properties and you will be crafting complex mechanized arrangements and logic engines in no time.

Minecraft game modes

There are several game modes to choose from. The Survival mode throws you empty-handed into a hostile world, where you have to carve a place for yourself with your bare hands and increasing number of tools. Its extreme version is the Hardcore mode, with just 1 life and permanent death of your avatar and the world created for it. Creation mode unleashes your imagination, giving you unlimited resources, immortality, and ability to fly allowing you to reshape the face of the world as you please. Spectator mode makes you a ghost, freely phasing through the blocks to explore what lies beyond.

Minecraft online modes

Adventure mode creates controlled environment placing customizable restrictions of the participants, to have them experience the world in a way the creator intended. Or set up a server an enjoy the full scope on Minecraft PC online multiplayer with your friends and like-minded players, together creating incredible projects.


Minecraft PC is a solid crafting, exploration and survival game, encapsulating a joy of playing with LEGO and the sense of victory over your environment.

  • Potentially endless world for the players to explore. Procedurally generated as you travel further, always keeps something to surprise you with.
  • Several game modes, each catering to a different gameplay, from survival to exploration to boundless creation.
  • Join up with friends and together create wonders.
  • Interact with mobs, from wildlife to monsters, Minecraft makes sure you never feel alone in its vast world. Fight them, herd them or eat them, you are the king of the land.
  • Other dimensions to explore, the Nether and the End Realm wait just on the other side of portals you can create.
  • Day and night cycle changes the game between safe exploration and a fight for survival when the monsters come at night.
  • Robust online community sharing advice and obscure crafting recipes.
  • If you feel the constraints of other games too limiting, you have boundless imagination waiting for an outlet or you enjoy crafting-heavy survival games, Minecraft is the game for you.
  • Minecraft system requirements

If you can run your operating system, you can run Minecraft. Reminiscent of 8-bit games, a block-and-grid based world with simple but clear textures and simple physics engine allow you to play on almost any modern system. Minecraft was released on all essential platforms from Windows PCs to mobile devices.

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Like your game

ur game is awesome love minecraft this also a great price to sell at hope you make a lot of money
(9 z 13 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

This is a great game and its worth every penny.

The developers definitely want the players to enjoy the game and not only their money. New updates get pushed out constantly and adds many new and amazing features that will add to your enjoyment of the game and the game play it self.
(5 z 5 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)


Minecarft is good game for fun and multiplayer. You can add custom resoucepack and build maps.
(5 z 6 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)


minecraft is a really good game to play with friends maybe even solo
(4 z 5 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)
(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) 

It's alright

Well I think that the combat update ruined the game just a little bit so I am giving it 4 stars
(4 z 5 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

add stock pls

Minecarft is good game for fun and multiplayer. You can add stock [email protected]
(2 z 3 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

One of the best games <3

No other video game has unleashed my creativity like Minecraft. I've spent countless hours chipping away at blocks, gathering the necessary materials to complete the next masterpiece that would otherwise only occupy my mind's eye. I've also spent just as many hours exploring, spelunking and slashing my way through monsters with bravado. My character – my entire Minecraft world – constantly evolves into whatever I want it to be. I tell my own stories, I write my own destiny and I bring my fantasies to life one brick at a time.
(2 z 2 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)


this good game for survival and creative, and so unlimited to create your imagination
(2 z 4 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)
(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) 

The Infinite amount of possibilities

Minecraft have a lot of content. And a LOT content by users.
You can survive, make mechanisms by Redstone, and most important... Play with friends!
There's some servers to play on. Minigames, survival, creative, and more...
The little disappointment for me became the price of game... It's too expensive for my country. But I must say, it's good game.
(2 z 5 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)


This is the greatest game ever made and this website is just amazing
(1 z 1 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

The Java Edition

Minecraft is a great game.
A game where you can explore, build stuff, and modify the landscape.
Current versions are The Java Edition and the Windows 10 Edition.

While the Windows 10 Ed. might be the most polished of the two, The Java Ed. has its perks:

1) It accepts all the user mods(it is changing since Microsoft is making the The Windows Ed the main version). Mods; Adding themes, changing the quality of the sky, adding in-game editors, etc.

2) It runs on Paying servers (as the Windows 10 Ed. does), but also on FREE public/private ones. You can have your own server and run The Java Ed. The problem with Paying servers is that you keep paying monthly to be able to play with other players. V_V

3) In general, The Java edition, is the better one, with more costs up front, but cheaper on the long run. Microsoft is making the Windows 10 Ed. cheaper, more accessible, etc., and newer mods are coming to windows 10 version, so The Java Ed. becomes obsolete.
(1 z 1 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Amazing Game

Truly amazing. I recommended it to all my friends. It's so easy to immerse yourself into the world of Minecraft, which is such a good replica of the real world, even though it has its own share of uniqueness.
(1 z 1 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Coool game

I got it for my brother he was the happyest person on the world tnx
(1 z 1 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)
Earned up to

Diversified Game

Minecraft is a game that is suitable for old and young. This game has a lot of playable game modes such as survival, creative, minigames, PVP, etc. You can also install mods to improve your gaming experience. You just can't imagine how interesting this game is. I bought this game back in 2015 and I'm sure the game worth buying!
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)
(*)(*)(*)( )( ) 

Nice price

Looking for this type of price for years since Microsoft has been money hungry lately.
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)


Love this game, so many many memories what can i say, i love it.
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Best game ever

I have played this game and it is very much fun best game ever!!!!
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Amazing game

minecraft is one of the best games i've played, it started my whole gaming career.
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)


Minecraft is literally epic like epic games, Its legit and it has awesome mods, and you can let your creativity go wild
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Best game ever existed

very good game i like it a lot and i hope it never dies also i would like it to be bit cheaper on official site
(0 z 2 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)