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The Kids We Were

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Why you should buy The Kids We Were

  • You’re looking for an adventure game with a gripping storyline.
  • You’d like to help Minato find his father and unravel family secrets.
  • You love when a game offers a plethora of hidden collectibles to find. 

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The Kids We Were

The Kids We Were is an emotional journey through time brought to you by Gagex. Originally released for smartphones, The Kids We Were is an award-winning nostalgic experience. Set in the late 1980s in Japan, otherwise known as the Japanese Showa era, this adventure game is a tale about family, friendship, personal growth, and life itself. Join Minato, a young boy, on his secret mission to find his father and uncover all family secrets. 

The Seven Mysteries

The story begins when Minato comes to the small town near Tokyo, called Kagami, with his sister and mother. The boy’s parents divorced, and the children haven’t seen their father for quite some time. As it turns out, Minato’s father is supposedly living somewhere in Kagami, and that is how the boy comes up with a secret mission. A mission to find his dad. Soon, he finds a crucial clue to this mystery﹘a notebook titled The Seven Mysteries. 

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A journey through time

Take on the role of Minato and help him during his adventure. Discover the mysteries of the notebook and travel through time﹘to the day the boy’s parents met, to be exact. Explore the streets and locations of Kagami. Although the area is small, you’ll experience it differently, from a different perspective, and from a different angle each time. Speak to the characters you’ll meet during your journey to learn about the past. Find over 90 collectibles hidden in the town’s nooks and crannies.  

Emotional tale 

The Kids We Were takes you on an emotional and charming adventure to discover secrets of the past. The story of family, growth, death, and friendship will definitely stay with you for longer. The decisions you make throughout the gameplay will influence your family’s future and lead you to more than one end of his journey. Moreover, The Kids We Were offers a unique graphic design of pixelated levels which makes the world look as if it was made out of toy blocks.  

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The Kids We Were features 

  • Unraveling secrets,
  • Exploring the town and interacting with other characters,
  • Over 90 collectibles to find, 
  • A gripping emotional tale.

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