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This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.

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Why you should buy VirtuaVerse:

  • You enjoy old-school pixelated games.
  • You look for a point & click game with an engaging storyline.
  • The futuristic cyberpunk vibe is something you may fall for.

A peek into the future

VirtuaVerse introduces players to the not-so-distant future, where one Artificial Intelligence has prevailed over all other AIs and their governments. This old-school cyberpunk point & click game lets you live the life of Nathan, a rebel who still refuses to comply with the migration to a permanently integrated reality.

Outsider hacker

While everyone seems to let the single neutral network optimize their experiences, Nathan doesn’t let it process his personal data. With his inconspicuous headset, he can switch the AVR off and explore reality the way it truly is. He becomes a smuggler of modded hardware and cracked software.

To the rescue

When one day Nathan discovers the disappearance of his girlfriend, Jay, he starts searching for her. However, with his accidentally broken headset, success seems impossible. Discover Jay’s cryptic message on a bathroom mirror and get tangled up in an unexpected journey involving Jay’s hacker group.

Loveable background

Besides the storyline, the advantages mostly praised by the gamers community seem to be the soundtrack and the retro atmosphere of the whole production. With the challenging puzzles and beautiful retro cutscenes, the game offers a whole lot of fun. It’s an excellent title for all cyberpunk/pixel/point&click fans.

VirtuaVerse: key features

  • Interesting concept with a retro vibe,
  • Eye-catching cutscenes,
  • The challenging difficulty of puzzles,
  • The enjoyable soundtrack, fitting the retro style,
  • Well-received aesthetics.

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