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No Matter Studios


No Matter Studios

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Why you should buy Praey for the Gods?

  • You enjoyed fighting enormous monsters in games like Shadow of the Colossus.
  • You like non-linear gameplay with freedom of choice who to battle next.
  • You’re a fan of action-adventure games with survival elements.

Never-ending winter

No Matter Studios introduces you to their new indie action-adventure RPG – Praey for the Gods. This boss climbing adventure will take you to the cold frozen world, seized by the endless winter. The protagonist arrives there with nothing else but clothes, so her first task is to survive and adapt to the severe weather conditions.

The enormous monsters

As you explore the realm, you’ll stumble upon more and more gigantic monsters, similar to those from Shadow of the Colossus, in our opinion. To discover the mystery of everlasting winter and restore the balance, you’ll need to overcome the monster bosses, which can be done by climbing them and attacking their vulnerable parts.

Explore the world

Travel across the world covered in ice and snow and discover the remains of those living here before you. Unravel the mysteries by understanding the cryptic paintings depicting the long-forgotten story. Face the questions that not even the gods know the answers to. Visit the remnants of an ancient civilization and be aware of every detail.

Survive the wilderness

Cold weather, snow piles, and hunger may quickly suppress your enthusiasm. You’ll have to craft your weapons, hunt animals to provide food, and learn how to climb and safely move through the cold. In case you lose your way, you may luckily come back by following your footsteps left in the snow.

Praey for the Gods: key features:

  • Non-linear gameplay,
  • Epic battles with colossal monsters,
  • Survival elements,
  • Lots of climbing and exploration,
  • Long-forgotten mysteries waiting for you to be discovered.

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classement esrb:

TEENLe contenu convient généralement aux personnes âgées de 13 ans et plus. Peut contenir de la violence, des thèmes suggestifs, de l'humour cru, un peu de sang, des jeux d'argent simulés et/ou l'utilisation peu fréquente d'un langage violent.


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