Top structures recreated in Valheim

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Vikings are known for plundering and conquering. Valheim shows us that the horrifying Norsemen are also pretty handy builders. The biggest Steam hit of 2021 lets players create magnificent structures. Just see those impressive constructions recreated in Valheim.

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Valheim is an afterlife place for Vikings; despite that, the basic rules of physics apply there. Therefore, every building must be well designed and supported. Otherwise, it collapses. It makes structures on this list even more remarkable.

Labyrinth of the Minotaur

One of the players created the Labyrinth – probably the most famous building of Greek mythology. The mythical maze was built in Knossos as a prison for the Minotaur. The structure in Valheim doesn’t contain a beast with a head of a bull; however, it is equally as impressive as the ancient one.

Lion’s Pride Inn 

Lion’s Pride Inn in Goldshire is a place well known by World of Warcraft players. One of them liked it so much that he rose identical tavern in Valheim. The dexterous builder revealed that he’s going to work on a tutorial for the players who would like to copy his building.

USS Enterprise

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, and nobody expects a spaceship in the land of Vikings. However, nothing is impossible for a true fan! Just look at this USS Enterprise from the Star Trek series recreated in Valheim. It would make Kirk and Picard proud! How can you get on board? Of course, by teleportation. Beam me up, Scottyson!

Millennium Falcon

If there is a spaceship from Star Trek, there must be the one from Star Wars too! The famous Millennium Falcon was built by one of the players. The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy looks astonishing.

Helm’s Deep

The battle of Helm’s Deep is one of the most spectacular scenes in The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Recreating the stronghold of the Rohirrim was probably more difficult than stopping an orc invasion. But someone took up the challenge. In the video, you can see the building process – from shaping the land to the final effect.


Not only fictional structures are recreated in Valheim. Some players copy actual buildings. One of them recreated the famous Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. The result is truly stunning.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is another symbol of Paris portrayed in Velheim. The building is so complex it causes severe performance issues.


Every Lord of the Rings fan knows the infamous stronghold in Mordor. The tower with The Eye of Sauron on the top can’t be confused with anything else.

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