MMO Games Worth Checking Out

News 19/03/2021

People crave human interaction and the pandemic has prevented that in many ways. To satisfy that desire and relieve stress, many people are turning to MMO games. They enable individuals to interact with each other and stave off boredom. MMOs have been popular for many years and a wide variety of people are just now learning about the fun to be had with them.

The names of some have become extremely well-known and are often referred to as “sandbox” games due to the ability of players from all over the world to participate in the same game with others they’ve never met. The following are some that are worth checking out no matter whether the gamer is experienced or new to the genre.


The game has multiple expansion packs and features land and sea battles. Players build ships, equip them, and prepare for battle against sea monsters. On land, players can attack others from opposing sides. Gamers can craft an extensive array of items, farm plants and animals, and raise and train mounts. There are plenty of quests, a player-run criminal justice system, and
light on a dragon’s back.

Blade & Soul

The game will captivate anyone that’s a fan of martial arts movies. The world is inspired by Chinese mythology and the story is one of revenge. Gamers play as one of 11 classes of customizable characters and features martial arts style combat in an open environment. Players explore the world through quests and there’s a feature that enables gamers to recover from the edge of death.

Final Fantasy 14

The game has an engaging storyline and beautiful graphics, along with multiple features and expansion packs to keep players interested. Individuals can customize their character in a myriad of ways and level up through experience points gained in various ways. Enemies are battled with magic, weapons, and physical attacks. In the game, the world is balanced on the edge of destruction – from the forces of light.

Guild Wars 2

The popularity of the game shows no signs of abating in the near future, partly due to expansion packs that keeps the game fresh. Multiple environments are beautifully rendered and present a major draw. The storyline is responsive to player actions and quests can be approached from different perspectives. The story follows the re-emergence of a disbanded guild committed to fighting the Elder Dragons.

Secret World Legends

The game combines a modern day setting with the added dimension of occult forces that are trying to destroy the world. It was originally launched as The Secret World. Players will join one of three different secret societies whose task it is to prevent, mitigate, or exploit attacks by immortal entities in locations around the globe.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Gamers can choose among eight different class stories within the main game. Participants can play their way across the galaxy as characters ranging from a Sith warrior to a sexy imperial agent. The storyline is engaging and expansion packs add a dramatic new episode to the

The Elder Scrolls Online

Considered one of the best MMOs available, it offers multiple expansion packs each of which is a stand-alone story. Players can explore the world in any way they choose, fulfill quests, and play as one of 10 different races in one of six classes. Gamers can become a werewolf, vampire, and progress in seven different crafting skills. Individuals can choose a path that favors bringing
about the end of the world or one in which world domination is the goal.

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