Scariest Games of 2020

General 04/02/2021

Fans of the horror video game genre enjoy a good scare any time of the year and not just at Halloween. The games play on a variety of fears and run the gamut from physical horror to psychological thrillers. The year 2020 gave gamers a bumper crop of titles in the horror genre.

Rather than jump scares, blood and gore of the past, today’s games are much more nuanced and even though players expect to be scared, the games still have the power to have people on the edge of their seats. The following are some of the best scariest games of 2020.

Amnesia: Rebirth

While there are jump scares, the game utilizes atmosphere to excellent effect. Players will find fear in a great many places ranging from caves and deserts to desolate ruins and otherworldly environments. Playing as Tasi, gamers are charged with finding their companions as they explore various locations with limited light while trying to control their fear level.


Rather than evading terrifying monstrosities, the player is the monster. Gamers play as an amorphous creature that’s essentially a skin sack of teeth that grows as it consumes – think of the Blob. It breaks out of containment and rampages through the facility, devouring every human it encounters. The creature learns more about itself and its origin as it makes its way through the facility.

Murder House

Explore the abandoned house of a notorious serial killer in a game that draws heavily on retro-gaming. Gamers play as an intern that’s part of a news crew shooting in the killer’s house. It’s reminiscent of the 1980s slasher genre and even if players do what the maniac demands, there’s no guarantee they’ll get out alive.

The Last of Us Part II

the last of us part 2

With elements of the survival genre, action takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment where the player must defend against humans that are hostile, along with creatures infected by a fungus that are cannibalistic. It’s a tale of survival, loss and revenge, with horrific humans and creatures around every corner.


If individuals have a fear of water or sinking ships, the title will add extra spice to gameplay. Gamers play as a WWI veteran with PTSD, trapped on a sinking ocean liner while a variety of entities endeavor to stop him from escaping. Use weapons and junk found in a dungeon to defeat enemies and effect an escape.


Players watch as a man murders his entire family in the opening scenes, before being tasked with exploring the same house. Obviously haunted, the house takes a heavy toll on the character’s mental state and offers a true psychological thriller.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

The combination of zombies and Nazis never gets old and there’s something about zombies that triggers a visceral hind-brain reaction in everyone. It’s equally satisfying to be able to shoot Hitler’s hordes as they return for a second try at worldwide Armageddon.

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