Games that are better the second time you play them

News 19/10/2021

Storytelling in games is something that makes them unique and engaging, immersing the player in the depths of the game. Some games are gripping enough that you want to come back to them for a second time. Especially when you can discover something new each time you play. Here are games that are better the second time you play them.

Why are some games better the second time you play them? 

Obviously, there are people who think that replaying a game is a waste of time. The time you could potentially spend playing new titles. However, just like with favorite books, movies, and TV series, by playing games for the second, third, or even tenth time you can discover things you’ve overlooked the first time you played it. 

During the first playthrough, you are drawn in by the narrative, which can distract you from other features of the game. Features that are often hidden or not so obvious at first. This is why re-playing a game is really great. You can finally relax and find out what else it has to offer. 

Here are 5 games that we believe are better the second time you play them. 

The Last of Us: Part II

This sequel to the action-adventure original title, The Last of Us, is set five years after the events of the first game in the post-apocalyptic United States. The player follows intertwined stories of Ellie, who seeks revenge after a tragedy she suffered, and Abby, a soldier involved in a conflict with a religious cult. 

Although The Last of Us: Part II received mixed reviews from players, the game is worth playing for the second time. The complicated and emotional story of the protagonists can make it hard to fully appreciate all the game has to offer. A second playthrough lets you explore the overlapping time structure of the game at your own pace and properly experience all its features.  

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BioShock Infinite 

The third installment in the BioShock series is set in 1912 and follows a former agent, Booker DeWitt. His mission is to find Elizabeth, who has been held captive in Colombia almost all her life. 

Similar to the original BioShock, the game contains an unexpected plot twist, which reframes the way you see the protagonists. The second playthrough is much more interesting, as we know the true identities and motives of the characters, making the storyline even more engaging. 

Life is Strange series

Life is Strange follows a high school senior, Max Caulfield, who finds out that she possesses the power of time rewinding. The game leads you through several dramatic twists as you make difficult decisions. The game gets better the second time you play it because you can make different choices, leading to different endings. Knowing what you could change and what you should change, may lead to a better outcome.

Similarly, the sequel, Life is Strange 2, gets better the second time you play it. This time, we follow Sean and Daniel Diaz, brothers who run away from home. On top of that, boys have to deal with Daniel’s new telekinetic power. The difficult decisions you have to make have drastic consequences later in the game and can alter depending on your choice. In both games, there is nuance to almost all possible endings of the games, making them even better the second time you play. 

However, we highly recommend re-playing all games in the series. Life is Strange: True Colors’ last chapter offers a slightly different ending. In Life is Strange: Before the Storm, there is a secret ending you can access by making different choices than you did the first time you played. 

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The hitman games follow genetically engineered Agent 47, who has to eliminate assigned targets while taking various disguises and hiding from enemies. Each game is a different story, that develops the Agent’s background and relationships. 

The games leave it to the player to discover and explore each location and its characters and try to bend it to their will. You can choose from a variety of playsets. The game also gives hundreds of achievements to collect which makes the series worth playing time and time again. 

The Walking Dead 

This episodic game, based on The Walking Dead comic book series, follows Lee Everett who got a second chance in the zombie-roamed world. In this game, your actions have serious consequences that can decide whether you survive or not.  

The variety of events and endings, as well as the different outcomes, and the impact of characters make the game better the second time you play it. The series will definitely leave you with mixed feelings and conflicted thoughts, making you come back time after time.  

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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

This third-person perspective game is the second game in the Max Payne shooter series. Two years after the events of the original game, Max Payne is once again thrown into a series of life-threatening events, trying to resolve a case in New York City. He reunites with Mona Sax, who was presumed dead and who now is the prime suspect in the murder case. 

Max Payne is yet another game that is better the second time you play it. Why? Because the developers prepared an alternate ending to the game. You can only unlock it after completing the game on the hardest difficulty. This new ending may shock you, so why not replay the game to find out? 

This feature of secret endings that you can access through replaying the game, sometimes on different difficulty levels, doesn’t apply to only Max Payne or the games that we’ve listed. There are plenty of games with similar mechanics in which you can find secret passages, new items, and change the ending of the story by playing them again.

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