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Promotions 01/04/2022

We’ve been planning April Fools’ Day jokes for weeks. Suddenly, we’ve realized that you don’t need any of them. Even though our fake game announcement would be hilarious (believe us), we’ve decided to bring you something you cherish the most – discounts on the best and the latest video games and gift cards!

Discover our new collections and let the spirit of spring overwhelm you. Search through dozens of exciting video games and use special discount codes to get a ridiculously low price!

Pet buddies games

Even the toughest warriors and fearless heroes love animals. Therefore, we’ve prepared a collection of games where you might pet a dog, cat, llama, and any adorable animal you may think of. And yes, crocodiles can be cute too! Just browse our Pet buddies games collection, pick the games you want, and use the JAWS coupon code to get 7% off. 

Check our Pet buddies collection!

Card games collection

In this deck, every card is an ace! Consequently, you don’t need to be afraid to draw as many cards as you want. You can get a Game Pass of hearts, PSN of spades, Steam of diamonds, and more! Win the highest stakes with the JOKER coupon that gives you an 8% discount!

Check our Card games collection!

Fishing games

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your quest for vengeance, trying to save the world from a deadly menace, or leading a revolution; angling is the perfect hobby for anyone. Cast your fishing rod and catch the best video games that let you go fishing! Remember to use HIGHQUALITYBAIT, which guarantees a fruitful fishing trip and a 9% discount on your order.

Check our Fishing games collection!

Flower picking games

Do you want to smell the beautiful aroma of spring flowers? We’re sure you do! Let us take you to the meadows, where you’ll find lovely roses, orchids, tulips, beggarticks blossoms, and… Dandelion. The best part is that you can not only admire them but also use them to craft powerful potions! Check it yourself! Our Flower picking collection is filled with outstanding video games. Use the LOCUST coupon to pick them up with a 10% discount.  

Check our Flower picking games collection!

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