Far Cry 6’s Chorizo and other video games animals

News 16/10/2021

Since the release of Far Cry 6, many players can’t help but fall in love with Chorizo. A cute puppy with a disability makes a nice change, looking at all brutality of the game. But Chorizo isn’t the only pet, gaming community adores. There are many games with animals as companions, who often turn out to be as helpful as charming. Here are some of the most rememberable ones:

Chorizo (Far Cry 6)

Chorizo from Far Cry 6, one of the cutest animals

A two-legged, adorable puppy doesn’t seem like the best animal companion when it comes to a helping hand while battling. Yet, How to get Chorizo in Far Cry 6? seems to be one of the most Googled phrases after the release date of Far Cry 6. How to find him? After unlocking the region of Madrugada, you’ll meet him as you progress through the story. After giving him few snacks, you’ll quickly become best pals. Chorizo is helpful as a distractor while fighting with enemies, so consider recruiting him.

Meeko (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Meeko can help you fight your enemies

While all Skyrim’s animals (for example dogs) look the same, Meeko seems to pull the gamers’ heartstrings the hardest. Meeko can be found nearby his shack in Hjaalmarch. If you follow him, you’ll see him staring at his dead owner. You’ll then be able to recruit him, so he will not have to stay there all alone. He can be your sidekick and fight with you shoulder to paw.

Dogmeat (Fallout 4)

Dogmeat is one of the best animals in games

Dogmeat is a stray dog living in Commonwealth. Or rather, his own man, as Mama Murphy states. The dog is loyal and faithful to those he accompanies. The Survivor can choose to adopt this cute German Shepherd. That will result in having a company with remarkable senses and tracking abilities. Dogmeat can get equipped with a variety of cosmetic items, which may make him even more adorable.

Epona (Zelda Series)

Epona appears in almost every Zelda game

Epona seems to be one of the most beloved animals in video games. She’s not just a regular, no-name horse used for transport. She seems to keep you from trouble by refusing to go or jump where you shouldn’t. She appears in every Zelda title and can help Link in his adventures. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild, Epona has brilliant stats, maxing out strength, speed, and stamina.

Roach (The Wither 3: Wild Hunt)

Roach is a favourite character of many Witcher fans

While the Witcher community adores Roach, Geralt himself doesn’t seem to get attached to a single horse and gives that name all of his mares. However, A horse is more to a witcher than merely a means of locomotion – just ask any bandit who has taken a well-aimed hoof to the head during combat. While completing a hilarious contract in Toussaint, we can hear more about Roach’s point of view on their relationship. 

Cheeseburger (Far Cry 5)

Not only dogs are gamer's best friends

Found as a baby bear eating leftovers from the dumpster, Cheeseburger is one of the extraordinary game companion animals. After being left on his own when his mother got shot, he got rescued by Wade Fowler. Due to a long-lasting diet of burgers and french fries, he has diabetes and requires daily insulin injections. Cheeseburger serves as a Fang for Hire, and he’s great at attracting the enemy’s attention.

DD (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

DD is known for his loyality

DD was found as a puppy by Venom Snake and then was trained for a role of combat support. Just like his owner, the dog wears an eyepatch over his missing right eye. While still being a puppy, DD is always waiting to greet Snake in Mother Base with excited barks. Later, when recruited as a Buddy, DD can attack soldiers, stun them or distract them with barking.

Chop (Grand Theft Auto V)

Chop from GTA V

Chop is a Rottweiler owned by Lamar Davis. However, for the majority of the storyline, he lives with Franklin. If you look for a slight change from all that shooting and stealing in GTA V, it’s nice to know that you can simply play with a dog. If you obtain a Ball in the weapon wheel, you can throw it for Chop to fetch. You can also take him for a walk anywhere you want. If someone tries to threaten Franklin, Chop, as a loyal friend, will attack vicious NPC.

Mushroom (Life Is Strange 2)

Mushroom - adorable player's companion

Easily excitable and friendly pup. Sean and Daniel Diaz found her in a laundry basket behind the counter of Bear Station. Daniel decides to take her with them, unbeknownst to Sean. Mushroom rapidly becomes fond of Daniel, but she doesn’t seem to listen to Sean, as he doesn’t spend much time with her. She’s one of the cutest animals ever seen in games with her all-time positive attitude.


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