Elex II: What should we expect?

Elex II: Space Gothic returns. What should we expect?

News 07/02/2022

Players will soon have a chance to return to the planet Magalan as Elex II is about to premiere. What should we expect? Let’s check the Elex II release date and take a closer look at the new RPG from the Gothic creators.

The German studio Piranha Bytes was founded in 1997 and has apparently had one goal ever since – making epic RPGs. Their first game was 2001’s Gothic, followed by two direct sequels. Although the Gothic games weren’t as vast and polished as other RPGs of the era, they built a loyal and avid fanbase. Around 2006 Piranha Bytes lost the rights to the Gothic franchise for several years. As a result, the studio launched another RPG series – Risen. Just like its predecessor, it was set in a fantasy universe and featured an unnamed protagonist. Its latest installment was 2014’s Risen 3: Titan Lords. The third IP created by Piranha Bytes is Elex. This time the studio delivered a significantly different setting and took players to a futuristic world of the planet Magalan where swords, magic, and firearms coexist. Moreover, this time a protagonist has a name – Jax. 

Elex II is around the corner

Elex II will continue Jax’s story. He’ll have to face a new menace that appears several years after the events shown in the first game. The entire planet’s life is at stake, so the protagonist must convince all the factions of Magalan to join forces and fight against the invasion together. 

The vivid world

During his journey, Jax will again explore the open world of Magalan and use his trusted jet-pack. The developers also promise the map inhabited by many NPCs, who will remember the player’s actions. Furthermore, any of them can be killed. Each NPC’s death will affect the Elex II story. It means that Jax will have to make many meaningful decisions and deal with their long-term consequences.

Elex II factions

Diverse factions are a crucial part of the Elex world. The sequel presents six parties:

  • The Berserkers – medieval-like culture with limited access to technology.
  • The Morkons – ruthless religious fanatics originating from the underground tunnels below the Tomsontown.
  • Skyands – powerful and mysterious faction drawing their power from dark Elex.
  • The Albs – a group that searches for the next stage of evolution. They use both the power of Elex and advanced technologies. 
  • The Clerics – a highly technical faction. They believe that Elex shouldn’t be consumed.
  • The Outlaws – merciless thugs; they serve no higher purpose.

First impressions

We gathered opinions of journalists and influencers who have already played the Elex II beta. According to them, Piranha Bytes is not planning any revolution, so we should expect more of the same. It’s good news for the Gothic fans. Also, everyone who likes the first Elex will feel at home. However, if you’re holding your fingers crossed that the studio will finally try to shake things a bit, you’ll probably be disappointed. Moreover, at the early stage of the story, Jax loses his priceless equipment, so players will have to develop the character’s arsenal from scratch. It’s a common but rather lazy pattern used in video game sequels.  

When does Elex II come out?

Piranha Bytes fans shouldn’t wait for long. The Elex II release date is set to March 1, 2022. We hope there won’t be any delays. The game will be available on all major gaming platforms: PC, PS4, PS 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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