Death Stranding: Helpful Tips Before Starting

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Hideo Kojima’s open-world action-adventure is as complex in its gameplay as its story is deep and convoluted. Death Stranding may look like a walking simulator to the naked eye but once you get past the surface, it hides a complex game that can be mastered. As such, it’s easy to miss out on small details that could make your deliveries that much less cumbersome.

Don’t Do Death Stranding’s Sidequests Before Chapter 3

The game’s fractured world is a great big sandbox of activities and missions. As such, it’s tempting to want to take on every delivery thrown your way. Resist that call to adventure until mid-way through Chapter 3. The reason is simple. Death Stranding starts you off with nothing but a simple backpack and boots. As you play through the story, you’ll unlock more tools to make your life easier. Try to power through until you have more ways to make deliveries more efficient.

Death stranding Delivery

Leave it All Behind

One of the aspects that make Death Stranding a unique experience is the way it handles network play. Tools and helpful contraptions you leave along the way to cross rivers and scale steep hills will show up in other players’ game worlds. You’ll want to collect them after use but don’t. If that ladder you used to cross a river was helpful to you, it will be to other players as well. The likes you receive from these little pieces of assistance are far more valuable than saving a few materials.

Cover Your Stuff

Timefall is the rain in Death Stranding that will wreck your cargo and vehicles. To avoid this happening, you can cover it all in containers. You can pretty much place most things in containers to guard them against the pesky rain of death. Your bike, your backpack, your cargo are all able to be contained so make sure you have a few boxes before you head out.

Spend Time With BB

Your relationship with your little companion in a bottle is a special and important one. The stronger your bond, the harder it is for him to get stressed out. Death Stranding gives you some breathing room between missions so use that to play with BB. The more you do this, the stronger your connection to the little guy becomes.

Death stranding screenshot

Donate to the Pavers

You’ll be grateful you did this early on in Death Stranding. Roads are the most essential paths of travel. They’re not only smoother to drive or walk on, but also provide power to your skeleton. When you find pavers, donate materials to them every time. You’ll be glad you did.

Lots of Boots

There’s nothing worse in Death Stranding than being…stranded without boots to walk in. Pack as many pairs as you can before every delivery. Sam’s boot clip will carry quite a few on its own and they barely take up any weight.

Death stranding

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