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Control: Best Beginner Tips the Game Doesn’t Reveal

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One of the sleeper hits of 2019, Control is an incredibly diverse and deep game. Exploring the Oldest House is filled with weird occurrences and strange interactions, as well as fierce battles. Despite giving you a good idea of how to play, the game has a few aspects it doesn’t tell you about clearly. Here are some beginner tips for Control to kick-start this strange adventure.

Heal Yourself at Control Points

This is one I learned way later in the game myself, and the game doesn’t make it clear enough. When you access control points, you automatically regain all of your health. When caught in an intense battle – as you will often – use your map to locate the nearest point. Rush to your nearest points to heal up and return to the battle. This is a simple strategy that will guarantee you stay alive longer in Control.

Open Up Secret Areas

The Oldest House is probably one of the weirdest and cryptic worlds in gaming history. With so many mysteries hidden away, it stands to reason there are secrets to be found. That also includes hidden areas unspecified in your map. Once you grab a few traversal abilities, such as Levitate, it’s worth exploring every nook and cranny in Control. By finding these hidden areas, you’ll gain the ability points you need to max out Jesse’s capabilities.

Find the Optional Objects of Power

Objects of Power are what grant Jesse her abilities and skills. Most are unlocked in due course and cannot be missed. There are, however, three that can be missed if you’re not paying attention, effectively locking you out of the Seize, Shield and Evade abilities. Seek out these Objects of Power to reach your full potential as well as experience some of Control’s best side-missions.

Break Down Lower Level Mods

This may seem obvious but Control can easily feel overwhelming when you’re starting. Because of this, you may forget to deconstruct your mods. There is barely any reason to keep all your mods as you equip higher-level ones. To continuously build up your material pool, break down your low-level mods and make it a habit.

Control maintanance sector

Branch Out Your Abilities

Jesse’s ability tree is quite diverse and expansive. One of the traps you can fall into early on, however, is taking incremental upgrades to already unlocked abilities. During the early stages of Control, this doesn’t do much for you. Instead, focus on unlocking more abilities first before starting to add percentage upgrades. This will ensure you have all the possible abilities and skills as quickly as possible. 

Control ability tree

Think Tactically Against Bosses

Not going to lie. Control can be a brutal game to play at times. This includes boss battles which are some of the most intense amongst recent titles. To reduce the chances of getting smoked by one of these savage enemies, use the environment to your advantage. Take cover as often as possible then pop up for a counterattack. Be sure to use the full extent of your abilities to attack and remain mobile. Most boss battles in Control will require a fair bit of patience so take it slow.

Control Boss level

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