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The Last Spell

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The Last Spell is a tactical RPG with roguelite elements. During the days, you’ll have to carefully choose how you will re-build your city and how you’ll position your defenses. Will you prioritize buying a brand new flaming sword, or build a Mana Well to regenerate some priceless Mana after battles?

During night, you’ll have to exterminate all the monsters coming at your walls with a large range of weapons and powers. Level up your heroes, and repeat until the end.

  • Turn-Based Tactical RPG:
    • The whole RPG package: primary stats, secondary stats, skills, perks, traits… and more.
    • Build your own classes: upgrade your heroes with stat bonuses and perks. Want to make a canon glass rogue/mage fighting with a gun? Do it!
    • Tons of procedurally generated trinkets, armors and weapons, each with their own skillset and playstyle!
    • Manage your squad of heroes: they’re strong, but they are few and they have access to limited resources. Healing is rare, so try to find the good balance.
  • Hordes of Evil:
    • Waves of hundreds of enemies to slay, burn, shock and slice! Don’t get overwhelmed.
    • Dozens of enemy types with different behaviors, which will get stronger and stronger as you progress.
    • Think and adapt: you have to deal with A LOT of enemies, so you want to optimize your damage output with strong AOE attacks. Enemies have various strength and weaknesses that will challenge your wits.
  • Protect the City:
    • Rebuild the city to help you between fights. Get healed, get items, get new heroes. Spend your resources wisely!
    • Build up your defenses: walls, traps, towers, catapults… every bit of help is welcomed.
    • Protect the circle of magic at all costs! If you lose it, it’s game over.
  • Roguelite Elements:
    • The game is meant to be hard. You will fail… but everytime you do, you’ll grow stronger.
    • Procedurally generated Enemy waves, characters, weapons and a ton of unlockables will keep you entertained.
    • A full range of difficulty levels to entertain the craziest hardcore players.

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