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This is a Playstation 4 version of the game.

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The Last of Us 2

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Why you should buy The Last of Us 2:

  • You wish to see the next part of Joel and Ellie’s adventures.
  • You can’t wait to see if the infection crisis got any better.
  • You’d love to experience this apocalyptic story from a new point of view.

The continuation of the bestseller

The Last of Us 2 is a sequel to 2013’s winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards from Naughty Dog. The new entry shows another part of the story of beloved characters, Joel and Ellie, but also invites players to experience the post-apocalyptic world from a completely different perspective.

A heart-touching story

The Last of Us follows the plots from the first installment – we see Joel and Ellie five years later at Jackson, Wyoming. You’ll get to wander around the ruins of Seattle and explore never-before-seen locations. This time, you’ll also be able to play as Abby, the new character who is a member of the Fireflies.

Well-known and new features

In The Last of Us 2, you’ll once again use the mechanics of the previous entry, but there are some new features too. For example, Ellie learned how to swim and dive, which will be useful while exploring the secrets hidden in the sunk corridors. With the great attention to detail, the experience is even more wholesome – even every enemy and dog has their own names to call on.

Don’t forget you’ll need to fight

Apart from an amazingly gripping story, the game features engaging combat. In comparison to The Last of Us, inflicting wounds makes a far greater impact on your enemies, e.g. shooting them in the leg will make it difficult for them to move and chase you. But there are some new difficulties too – your enemies’ dogs can now sniff you out, so you’ll need to learn how to mask your scent.

The Last of Us 2: key features

  • An incredible, deep storyline,
  • A new protagonist,
  • Satisfying combat,
  • New and upgraded mechanics,
  • Excellent voice-acting.

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