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The Book of the Game

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MGG Studio

MGG Studio

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MDH Software


MDH Software

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The land of Leman is full of strife and conflict - but also opportunity.

Cassius rules the realms of man - a dangerous lunatic who believes that each of the four races in Leman were created by one of four Gods - their purpose; to battle and destroy one another. The last race standing shall be victors in this Great Game. Cassius intends to ensure this race is mankind, and his place at God's right hand will be guaranteed.

Meanwhile, the dwarfs are content to mine and research in their impregnable fortress, and the elves host parties and live in luxury, only occasionally casting uneasy glances in the direction of Greyhaven. To the south live the orcs, breeding like flies, fighting, squabbling. Surely they are too disorganised to ever prove a serious threat to the other races?

  • A huge game map with bandits, dungeons, monsters and settlements - plus a number of special locations.
  • Multiple maps.
  • Choose your goals for yourself. Perform basic quests (e.g. guarding warehouses), trade, get involved in Cassius's Great Game, turn to banditry, explore far flung lands - your freedom is complete.
  • Fight bloodthirsty, brutal, turn-based combats with many different type of enemies - e.g. bandits and soldiers, through to dragons and demons!
  • Build a team of adventurers that can deal with any situation. There are 4 basic professions (warrior, acolyte, rogue, and wanderer) that can further specialise on reaching level 5. (paladin, barbarian, ranger, assassin, necromancer, etc. 20 in all). No two of your adventurers will be the same, with many traits (e.g. fat, lucky, handsome...) to differentiate them. As they gain in levels, they will learn new skills, giving them powerful new abilities (e.g. sword mastery, leap, heal...).
  • Later in the game, you can even recruit non-human adventurers to your team!
  • Around 40 spells with a variety of effects. Summon beasts to your side, or flood the battlefield with flame!
  • A huge number of melee and missile weapons, armour and shields to discover. Maybe you will even find legendary artifacts, with powerful abilities?
  • Just exploring Leman can be hazardous in the extreme - but there are also about 50 missions that can be accepted in settlements - they range from the mundane (escort a trading caravan) through to the fantastical (vampire hunting) through to the epic - participate in an invasion of one of the other races...

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MGG Studio
MGG Studio
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