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Stoneshard is a challenging turn-based RPG set in an open world. Experience the unforgiving life of a medieval mercenary: travel across the war-torn kingdom, fulfill contracts, fight, mend your wounds and develop your character without any restrictions.

Master the simple but deep health system: cauterize bleeding wounds, relieve pain with alcohol and drugs, practice bloodletting and heal your maladies with various concoctions.
Experiment with 100+ abilities and 200+ equipment pieces without any class or level restrictions. Create your very own playstyle!

Devote yourself to one of the aspects of the enigmatic deity. But remember: every blessing has its price. Are you ready to make a pact?

  • Explore the Ravaged Lands - Travel across Aldor and learn more about its past.
  • Choose your path - Take part in intense battles against numerous factions. Brigands, abominable cults, the undead - all of them require a unique approach.
  • Survive against the odds - Do you like risk? Then try out the Ironman mode, where every decision is irreversible and your character dies once and for all.

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This is a pure roguelike !

A really good game! Only downside so far is the lack of content.

It's really nice that you got to think about how you play. You can't just rush in, take on 6-7 monsters and then proceed to walk out of it with no scratches. At first you have to pick your fights, know what to look for around you and the village you are in to get enough Crowns to get by. Eventually you'll outlevel all the monsters and the game will be easy as all hell but the intensity of the early game is really fun.
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